Thursday, 5 February 2015

Coal seam gas explorer Metgasco Limited's small shareholders are talking to the Australian Stock Exchange?

HotCopper MEL thread, 27 January 2015:

I have just sent my email to ASX (Elvis) as suggested by previous posters.

My concern has been increasing as I watch my other Oil Co investments slowly dribble down the toilet and I really have no interest in having more capital tied to the oil industry at present (Gas & Iron Ore are bad enough).

The text of my email is below.

"Dear Sir,

I have recently become aware that MEL intends to become involved with a US based oil company ELK Petroleum Ltd, by way of a merger of script. There has been significant disquiet amongst shareholders of MEL, as the MEL Board has determined that the transaction need not be put to shareholders for approval.

A number of shareholders (via HotCopper shareholder site) have suggested that the ASX should be requested to use their discretion under Section 11.1.2 of the Listing Rules to consider whether to call upon MEL to seek shareholder approval via a vote on the proposed MEL/ELK merger.

I believe that you may have received emails from some of MEL's shareholders and I would like to add my voice to their request for your consideration of a review of the proposed transaction, or at a minimum request MEL to explain why they have decided to exclude shareholders in the making of this significant move into the US shale oil industry away from domestic gas.

Yours faithfully

(Name included)
Concerned shareholder"

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