Sunday, 10 May 2015

Community Housing Limited just won't take no for an answer so it's off to court again for Clarence Valley Council

Community Housing Limited is an international public benevolent institution which in 2014 had a surplus of over $11.1 million, total rental income of over $36.6 million and paid no income tax.

In Australia its combined grant and incentive income in that same year was over $17.7 million.

It has 5,600 properties under management in this country according to Managing Director Steve Bevington [Macleay Argus, 12 April 2015, Leonard's light bulb woes]

In the Coffs Harbour area the company appears to have taken possession of 180 Coffs Harbour public housing properties (a mix of one & two bedroom units) in 2011, with the state government contributing a one-off payment of around $1.5 million and the company making a contribution of around $1 million to required property upgrades.

In the Clarence Valley it has fourteen housing properties (a mix of units, townhouses and houses) in Grafton funded by federal, state and local government in the form of land contribution, discounted land sale, capital grants and National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) as well as a loan taken out by the housing company.

In December 2014 this comfortably cashed-up company lost a NSW Land & Environment Court bid for rates exemption on its 1,368 properties in this state.

Now it is back for a second round. This time in the NSW Supreme Court, where on 20 May 2015 it will have a directions hearing (notice of appeal) in Community Housing Limited v Clarence Valley Council 2015/00014853.

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