Wednesday, 27 January 2016

"ILUKA DA Have Your Say!" is online at Facebook

A number of Iluka residents have created a public Facebook page alerting the community to a proposed 162 lot residential subdivision bounded by Hickey and Elizabeth streets and, by Iluka Road adjacent to Iluka Nature Reserve and World Heritage littoral rainforest.

It can be found at:

One of the interesting posts contains this image of the formal development application notification sign which besides being so modestly sized as to be almost unnoticeable also has an incorrect submission period date so that any person reading it would assume that all chance to comment on this DA had slipped away.

Another post also points out that there appears to be no intention to create covenants prohibiting pet ownership for the hundreds of people who will reside in this proposed subdivision on environmentally sensitive land within 100 metres of a world heritage area. 

The mind boggles at such planning stupidity, given that vulnerable koalas and endangered coastal emus are known to use this parcel of land.

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