Friday, 19 February 2016

Commissioner For Chilled Martinis wants to enter federal politics

“The work we have done at the Commission is very important. The role of Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner is to start these conversations. It is up to the Parliament to finish them. It’s also the role of the Parliament to deal with many other issues that I am passionate about.
That’s why I am announcing today my intention to resign the office of Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner effective from Friday, 19 February to seek preselection to be the Liberal Party’s candidate for the Federal Electorate of Goldstein.
This is a tough decision for me, but the right one. The people of Goldstein deserve someone who will fight for them.
This is not a time to be timid. It’s a time to be bold. Our country faces big challenges: debt and deficits, high taxes and youth unemployment, to name a few.
We need people in Parliament who are prepared to take responsibility, make tough decisions and work to fix problems. I am ready to take that responsibility to protect this nation’s promise for future generations.
I’m a born and bred Melbournian. I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life; I’ve been an active Liberal Party member for nearly two decades. I’ve lived in Goldstein. I have served on the Board of the local hospital. Much of my family lives in Goldstein.
Under Liberal Party rules I can offer no further comment on seeking preselection.”  Tim Wilson

I suppose it had to happen. Finding the world was taking as much notice of him as Human Rights Commissioner as it did when he worked for the far-right Institute of Public Affairs, Tim Wilson has decided to remedy this situation by standing for Liberal Party pre-selection in the safe seat of Goldstein currently held by retiring former Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Robb.

If he wins preselection then he will have all the free publicity he craves for the remainder of the year and, if the voters in Goldstein are silly enough to elect him then I confidently predict he will be constantly in all our faces.

Pushing his unfettered free markets-rich is what God meant conservative men to be-private property comes before all propaganda for all he's worth.

Twitter in a more optimistic mood has an alternative mapped out for Tim if he loses preselection: Then Freedom Boy can spin his way back into the IPA and endless textual analysis of "The Virtue of Selfishness"  [Mark Pesce]

While a senior Liberal was less than impressed with his shenannigans: The former Liberal leader also criticised the outgoing Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson, who did a round of media interviews yesterday, confirming his plan to resign at the end of the week to nominate for preselection in Goldstein.
Party rules do not allow candidates to promote themselves publicly.
Mr Wilson was careful to focus on the job he was leaving, although he did speak about why he wanted to enter Parliament.
He also spoke about his view that the Parliament, rather than a plebiscite, should decide on same-sex marriage — contrary to the Government's position.
Mr Kennett accused him of "playing on a technicality" for taking the opportunity to do interviews, before he rejoins the Liberal Party and lodges his nomination.
"I think that is probably unfair to the others and not in the spirit of the rules that govern the way members operate," Mr Kennett said.

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