Friday, 4 March 2016

National Indigenous Times to be revived

Australian Newspaper History Group, Newsletter, No 86, February 2016:

86.1.9 Revival of National Indigenous Times to be attempted

Aboriginal businessman Wayne Bergmann has taken control of the collapsed National Indigenous Times, with the aim of transforming it into a newspaper that celebrates indigenous achievement in business, politics and sport. A company majority-owned by Bergmann has bought the paper from liquidators and is expected to relaunch it within weeks. Veteran Perth journalist Tony Barrass will become the editor of the publication, which will be resurrected online before a decision is made whether to resume in print. The old Times had enraged some aboriginal leaders with its hardline approach to indigenous affairs. Kimberley Aboriginal leader Bergmann said on 20 January that he wanted the paper to focus heavily on indigenous business success stories. Barrass, who has a 49% stake in the company, promised the publication would be upmarket, entertaining and provocative. “It will reflect a range of indigenous views, not just one political leaning,” he said (Australian, 21 January 2016, p.6).

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