Sunday, 3 April 2016

IPART told Clarence Valley Council is dysfunctional, manipulative, dishonest, deceptive, wasteful, incompetent and other similarly 'complimentary' terms

In February 2016 Clarence Valley Council lodged an application with the Independent Pricing And Regulation Tribunal (IPART) for a Special Rate Variation (SRV) of 8% p.a. (including the rate peg limit) for five years, starting 2016-17, in accordance with Section 508A of the Local Government Act 1993. From 21 August 2015 through to 25 September 2015 Council undertook public consultation on the proposed 8% p.a. SRV by implementing the Community Engagement Strategy for its ‘Financial Sustainability – the Road Ahead’ process, which included applying for an 8% p.a. SRV for 5 years and reviewing Council’s discretionary services.

IPART received over 50 submissions, predominately from individuals.

Having sampled a fair number of these frequently uncomplimentary submissions here are just two examples from former local government councillors.

Read the remainder of the submission here.

Read the remainder of this submission here.

With NSW local government elections at the end of the year, I suspect that Mayor Richie Williamson will have to tap dance wildly to secure his re-election if the sentiments contained in most of the submissions are any indication.

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