Monday, 4 April 2016

Malcolm Bligh Turnbull - public relations whiz extraordinaire

First Prime Minister Malcolm Bligh Turnbull forgets to greet a territory chief minister - leaving him to enter The Lodge all alone

Then he has a “class photo” taken which omits a state premier

Left to Right: NT Chief Minister, TAS Premier, NSW Premier, VIC Premier, Prime Minister, 
QLD Premier, SA Premier, ACT Chief Minister   

Capping off what was a bad public relations day the Prime Minister was also discovered making a statement which could easily be refuted by journalists

By April Fool's Day the state and territory leaders were obviously becoming rattled by Maltony's lack of political and people skills with two going so so far as to forget their own names - resulting in the Victorian Premier and Northern Territory Chief Minister signing on each other's dotted line

And yes, it was Malcolm Turnbull himself who obligingly gave the world a digital copy of this blunder.

At one point on 1 April the Prime Minister put icing on the PR cake by inviting the media to what might be the shortest photo opportunity on record at 4.20pm

One has to wonder about the staying ability of this particular Liberal prime minister.

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