Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Manus Island detention Centre declared illegal by PNG Supreme Court in a unanimous judgment

Five judges sitting as the Supreme Court of Justice in Papua New Guinea have unanimously ruled that holding 905 asylum seekers at Manus Island detention centre is unconstitutional and a violation of their human rights.

Excerpts from the full judgment:

The Australian Lawyers Alliance is of the opinion that this judgment opens the door for the Australian Government to be sued for damages by detainees.


ABC News, 27 April 2016:

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Peter O'Neill says the Manus Island regional processing centre will be closed following a ruling from the country's Supreme Court….
Mr O'Neill has now released a statement said that his government "will immediately ask the Australian Government to make alternative arrangements for the asylum seekers".
"For those that have been deemed to be legitimate refugees, we invite them to live in Papua New Guinea only if they want to be a part of our society and make a contribution to our community," he said.
"It is clear that several of these refugees do not want to settle in Papua New Guinea and that is their decision."
Mr O'Neill has also stated that the local economy would suffer as a result and the Government would work with the Australian Government to ease the transition.

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