Sunday, 12 June 2016

Dendrophobic Clarence Valley Council?

Clarence Forum, 4 June 2016:

Before White Settlement of the Clarence, a Red Bean Tree stood near the corner of what is now Breimba and Dovedale streets in Grafton.
That Tree is all that remained of the original rain forest in that area.
First Nations People used the tree for making shields.
The tree was listed by the NSW Office of Environment Heritage (OEH).
In July of 2013, Council lopped the tree without permission.
OEH wrote to Council’s Troy Anderson (Director Works, the same Director in charge of the destruction of Maclean’s Historical Trees) and issued a penalty notice in January 2014.

In May of this year, Clarence Valley Council killed this heritage tree and totally removed it.
All that remained for today’s photographs is mud.
OEH has written to Scott Greensill and ordered that the remains of the trunk of the tree be stored as part of a legal exhibit for a future Court Case.
Why does Council continue to behave in such an insensitive and arrogant manner?
Respect is Not optional.

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