Friday, 24 June 2016

Here's one Clarence Valley councillor losing votes ahead of local government elections in September 2016

Only around 77 days until the Clarence Valley local government election and this is one councillor who has been losing votes all year….

Letter to the Editor in The Daily Examiner on 8 April 2016:

Maclean 'sold out' by council

Councillor Andrew Baker has clearly underestimated the local position in Maclean in regards to council flogging off its strategically valuable property at No 1 MacNaughton Place, Maclean.

No, Andrew, there has been no subsidence of 'anxiety'; the fact is that 'the anxiety' never got off the ground in the first place as many people in Maclean are still quite unaware of what Council is up to here, it was all done so very quietly.

Let's make it quite clear - along with other properties in Maclean, Council is selling off our prime waterfront property at No 1 MacNaughton Place, right in the heart of Maclean's riverfront and historic precinct, and whisking the funds away upriver to help pay for the new "super depot" in Grafton.

It's a prime case of asset stripping, and an open and shut case of being yet another kick in the guts for our town.

There is every reason why this valuable waterfront property should remain in council's (public) ownership - it is in a vitally strategic riverfront position, right in the heart of a prime historic precinct, and integral to the future CBD development for Maclean.

In short, we already own it and it is a property vital to Maclean's future development.

No problem to rent it for now and keep it for future needs when a more enlightened mindset will actually plan our town.

Maclean you are being dudded yet again, "sold out" is the term.

In this case, Cr Baker's plan is that we will end up with a thin strip of land with the levee wall through it.

Fully fits Council's new policy for Maclean, which is "Something Is Better Than Nothing".

Warren Rackham, Maclean

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