Friday, 15 July 2016

For all those political tragics out there: Page polling booths which didn't vote for Nationals Kevin Hogan

National Party incumbent Kevin Hogan received 44.68% of the 100,358 formal first preference votes counted and, was returned in the Page electorate by a margin of 5,524 two-party preferred votes with a swing against him of 0.35%* compared to the est. 6.71% swing towards him in 2013.

An est. 26% of all Page electorate polling booths failed to return Kevin Hogan - Brooms Head, Casino North, Cawongla, Clunes, Dunoon, Goolmangar, Goonellabah, Grafton East, Jiggi, Kyogle South, Lismore, Lismore East, Lismore Heights, Lismore North, Lismore South, Meerschaum Vale, Nimbin, Red Rock, Rosebank, Sandy Beach, South Grafton, Sydney, Tabulam, The Channon, Wardell, Whiporie, and Woombah.

The bottom line for Mr. Hogan is that est. 55.32% of the voters in his electorate chose to vote for anyone but him. A marked increase since 2013 when only 47.48% of voters preferred other candidates,

Perhaps this figure will finally light a fire under his seat and he will begin to actively represent the interests of communities in his electorate - not just blindly play follow the leader when he votes in the Australian parliament.

* As of 6pm 14 July 2015 5,363 declaration votes were still to be processed.
   At 6.62 pm nationally 85.7% of the vote had been counted and only 1 seat remained in doubt.

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