Friday, 22 July 2016

Remedial Maintenance of Yamba Breakwater Wall from end July to Christmas 2016

NSW Dept. of Industry - Lands, fact sheet, July 2016:

Remedial Maintenance: Yamba Breakwater

NSW Department of Industry- Lands

The NSW Department of Industry - Lands (DoI Lands) is responsible for maritime assets along the NSW coast including 21 river entrance breakwaters.

The Yamba (Clarence South) Breakwater

The Yamba Breakwater situated on the Southern side of the Clarence River entrance was constructed between 1950 and 1971.The structure was built to protect the Clarence river entrance (largest river entrance in NSW) from the effects of waves and sand transport to allow safe navigability of the Clarence River channel extensively used for commercial fishing and recreational boating.

Purpose of the Works

The Yamba Breakwater undergoes routine condition assessments to identify the state of the asset. DoI Lands have identified the Breakwater as an at-risk structure due to the dilapidated state of the head section, a result of significant storm damage. In its current state, the structure is at risk of failure during a major coastal storm and poses threat to the public.
The proposed repair work will ensure the integrity of the structure remains, maintaining the navigability of the Clarence River channel. The work will also improve access along the crest for the general public after completion.

Description of the Works

The upgrade works are being undertaken by Haslin Constructions, who specialise in construction projects of all manners and size. The specifics of the works are:
1. Total estimated quantity of rock armour used for the repair is in excess of 50,000 tonnes.
2. Repair works cover the eastern most 750m of the Breakwater, addressing in particular the damaged areas of eastern most 100m of the Breakwater including the head.
3. All works will be undertaken from land, with the rock delivered by truck and placed by an excavator.

Timing of Works and Access

The offsite manufacturing of rock armour began in mid-July. Establishment on site is set to begin at the end of July.
The works on site including the preparation of breakwater access and laying of rock armour are proposed to begin in August with a completion date before Christmas 2016, weather permitting.
During construction works, various parts of the breakwater will be closed to public access. Outside of construction hours some sections of the breakwater may be open to the public unless there is safety or other issues requiring closure.

More Information

For more information contact Andy Hartley, DoI Lands Coastal Engineer, on 0417 639 305 or visit:

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