Monday, 15 August 2016

Forget the Olympics for a great winter couch sport.......

There are reportedly at least five unsolicited proposals being developed for presentation to the NSW Dept. of Premier and Cabinet involving the construction of rail corridors, with one apparently involving a Chinese consortium wanting to install an additional freight rail line to Port Kembla.

So it is interesting to watch how they are all competing in the public relations stakes.

When it comes to Australian Infrastructure Developments Pty Ltd.’s proposal for a new inland freight rail corridor to coastal mega port in the Clarence River estuary, it appears that in this competition its proponents have all the grace and expertise of Eddy the Eagle who managed two spectacular last places at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.

It looks as though the company has decided that its officers and shareholders have no fencing or boxing skills but excel at diving in and that's just what they should do in any online comments thread.

This total lack of PR skills means that following the company’s forays onto Facebook has become something of a local couch sport in the Lower Clarence Valley, where the audience happily munches their popcorn, peanuts or chips as they scroll down the latest comments.

This spectacular belly flop in the 10m dive event drew a slow clap in my house:

While this clumsy exit from the pool after the 3m dive was greeted with hilarity:

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