Monday, 31 October 2016

'Dropstitch Dot' attempted to arrest Nationals MP for Page Kevin Hogan who "fled the scene"

According to The Northern Star on 25 October 2016:

“Nanna Dot Moller, known to many as 'Dropstitch Dot' performed the 'arrest' handing a Kevin Hogan impersonator the warrant along with a list of the charges as the man himself had fled the scene.”

The police did not look amused after being called to the protest event at the Nationals MP’s Lismore office on 24 October 2016.

The very, very threatening Northern Rivers contingent of the Knitting Nannas and a NSW police officer in imminent danger of ‘hardware’ overload on his uniform

“According to Nanna Twomey the protest is related to off-shore processing and protecting the environment.
"We are protesting against the children in detention as well as the way that they've treated our land," she said.
She also claims that MPs no longer represent citizens.”

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