Monday, 21 November 2016

So you thought Donald Trump would have no immediate effect on Australian politics?

So you thought US president-elect Donald J. Trump and his transition team would have no immediate effect on Australian politics?

Well here is the privately educated, multi-millionaire son of a wealthy father, Prime Minister Malcolm Bligh Turnbull echoing and aligning himself with the privately educated, billionaire son of a wealthy father Donald John Trump and the GOP presidential election machine, by referring disparagingly to “elite media” in this ABC News article of 14 November 2016:

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has criticised the "elite media" for not focusing on the public's real concerns, citing President-elect Donald Trump's campaign focus on the economy.
The Prime Minister made the comments when pressed by 7.30 host Leigh Sales on recent polling.
Mr Turnbull, who cited poor polling when he ousted his predecessor Tony Abbott, said the focus should be on issues instead of opinion.

"I would have thought after this last election in the United States that people might focus less on the polls and less on the opinions of commentators on the ABC and other elite media outlets, and focus instead on what people are actually saying," he said.
"Everyone's got slightly different concerns, but a big common factor is concern about economic security.
"One of [Donald Trump's] compelling arguments to many Americans was that he was going to make America great again.
"He was going to do that by driving economic growth."….

Mr Turnbull also criticised the ABC for ongoing debate over the Racial Discrimination Act during the 7.30 interview.
The Government has set up a parliamentary inquiry into the laws to examine whether they impose any limits on free speech and to recommend any amendments.
When asked whether this was a concern for everyday Australians, Mr Turnbull said it was the media who were focused on the law.
"18C is talked about constantly on the ABC, constantly in what's often called the elite media," he said.
"I've focused overwhelmingly on the economy."
Eighteen Coalition MPs spoke on the issue during last week's partyroom meeting, ahead of the Prime Minister announcing the inquiry's establishment.

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