Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Out of control Yuraygir fire covers 2,351ha by 6pm, 31 January 2017

Giant plume from the Fannings Trail fire near Sandon east of Grafton lights up the midnight sky
 from the lookout at Brooms Head on Monday, 30th January, 2016: 
The Daily Examiner 31 January 2017

Only three fires were burning in the Clarence Valley on Tuesday, 31 January 2017 – two small and one large. A grass fire at Lanitza, a bushfire at Candole State Forest in the Powells Gap Rd area and, another bush fire across 2,351 ha of Yuraygir National Park in the Fanning Trail area alight since Monday morning.

Sadly there are suspicions that the state forest and national park fires may have been deliberately lit.

As the Bureau of Meteorology is predicting lower than average rainfall in parts of eastern Australia with temperatures above average though to at least April, the likelihood of more fires cannot be ruled out.

Let’s all make sure that any further fires are from natural weather events such as lightning strikes - by making sure we keep our own fires in our kitchens where they belong it hot windy weather ,as well as keeping a sharp eye out for suspicious activity in bushland or parks and reporting incidents to local police and if necessary the fire brigade.

To report a fire emergency

Call Triple Zero (000)
If you are deaf or have a speech or hearing impairment call 106

For assistance with distressed or injured wildlife call 13 000 WIRES or 1300 094 737 (Grafton and Yamba)

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