Sunday, 19 February 2017

Pauline Hanson gets a well-deserved "FAIL" from the grammar and punctuation police

@JohnJohnsonson obviously had a lot of fun with his red pen on 4 February 2017 J

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Neil Aitchison said...

If the only criticism that people can make about Pauline Hanson is her grammar, then she must be doing a good job. Some real news, please....

Cory Bernardi is doing even a better job. He is saying all the right stuff. I will definately be voting for him!

For example, The "marriage equality" being pushed by the same sex marriage proponents denies other people the right to marry who "love" their family members, or under age children, or non-human animals/things/robots, or even people who "love" themselves and want to express this by "marrying" themselves - the homosexual lobbyists refuse all these people so-called "marriage equality". The "marriage equality" they preach is solely an emotive propaganda slogan and nothing more. Even their "love is love" slogan is more accurately "lust is lust".