Thursday, 9 February 2017

The 'Archie Bunker' of Clarence Valley has offered his head for public washing again...

The ‘Archie Bunker’ of Clarence Valley John Ibbotson has offered his head for public washing again…..

Letter to the Editor, The Daily Examiner, 2 February 2017, page 9:

No science to it aka Climate sceptic's howlers insult to mainstream science

A good general knowledge implies knowing a fair bit about a wide range of subjects but it can also mean not knowing enough about anything specific in order to become to become an authority. John Ibbotson and climate science is a classic example.

Because of his lack of knowledge John's letters have a tendency to contain scientifically indefensible howlers.

From the many, an Ibbotson clanger highlights reel would include (and I paraphrase):
1. "CO2 is a harmless, benign compound!"
2. "Ocean acidification is impossible because sea water is alkaline!"
3. "Velocity ratio for a wind turbine is an absurdity!" and so on.

No doubt with some prompting, John's grasp of climate science has improved over time, but it still begs the question: is it too easy to believe you are absolutely correct when you don't, won't or can't understand the basic science which would show that you are just simply wrong?

The kindest thing that can be said about John's letters on climate is that his offerings on other topics (apart from maybe being too frequent), are more or less based on fact.

In his latest climate letter (DEX Jan 1) John quite graciously confirms that the last two decades for the planet have been abnormally warm but he will be most disappointed to learn that contrary to his assertion I am decidedly of any colour other than green.

In fact I am just a very average DEX reader who is more than willing to defend mainstream science from unjustified denigration by self-indulgent sceptic opportunists such as John Ibbotson, the esteemed Viv Forbes and others.

Ted Strong, Seelands

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