Thursday, 30 March 2017

Tony Abbott playing the media and electorate for fools once again

The political spin……

Sacked former prime minister and current Liberal backbench MP for Warringah, Tony Abbott on 3AW Radio opining about closure of the aging Hazelwood coal-fired power plant, 24 March 2017:

It's due to shut next week…..
"Obviously there's a risk to power because the lights went out in South Australia for 24 hours," Mr Abbott said on 3AW Mornings.
"There's been further damaging blackouts in South Australia and there was a very damaging blackout in Victoria which has badly damaged the Portland aluminium smelter and led to tens of millions of dollars of subsidy being needed.
"We've got a very serious situation."
Mr Abbott said the government could not become complacent.
"The first task of a government is to keep the lights on," he said.
"It's the sign of a third world economy that the lights do not stay on 24-7."

The truth of the matter……

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