Thursday, 16 March 2017

Trump's border warriors conduct an internal investigation of ASIO chief

spare a thought for Nick Warner, the Director-General of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. You'd think being the top government spy of a staunch US ally – travelling on a diplomatic passport – would spare you the latex welcome, but no. Not even. Warner got the full treatment last month at LAX arrivals, transferring for meetings in the capital (including, you'd safely assume, at Langley, Virginia). Could you imagine the uproar in Washington if John Brennan or Meroe Park copped a solid frisking at Tullamarine? Yeah right – as if they'd even countenance the indignity of flying commercial!
Hey, we can all sleep soundly knowing that not even one of our most decorated public servants and security officials can accidentally pack his nail scissors as carry-on.

Apparently the gentleman was subject to a rectal and genital search as part of his welcome by Trump’s foot soldiers.

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