Thursday, 11 May 2017

No women please, we're Liberals!

Rather says it all really…….
The Age, 30 April 2017:
Young Liberals at one of Australia's most prestigious universities have been accused of sexism and  misconduct during a student election.
One young woman, who is a member of the Melbourne University Liberal Club, was told she was excluded from an event because she would make men "a bit uncomfortable."
She stood up and spoke about her experience at the club's annual general meeting last month, reading out a message she had received from president Xavier Boffa, who also works for shadow attorney general John Pesutto.
Mr Boffa wrote that he had wanted to invite the woman to an event but hadn't because "a couple of the guys were a bit uncomfortable about inviting a chick."
Mr Boffa confirmed with Fairfax Media that he had sent the message but made no further comment.  Club members who spoke to Fairfax Media said the event was held in November at a city bar and only attended by Liberal club members and alumni. 

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