Thursday, 29 June 2017

Oh good grief! The Republican Party of Australia?

This political party has been round the block a few times, but still clings to an unfortunate party name (reminiscent of that US political party which gave the world President Donald J. Trump) likely to turn responsible voters off in droves at the next federal election when it apparently intends to stand candidates for House of Representative and Senate seats.

Current party registration applications inviting objection

26 June 2017
Republican Party of Australia

Name of Party: Republican Party of Australia
Abbreviation of party name: The Australian Republicans
Proposed registered officer: Peter Consandine
Registered officer’s address: 412/33 Lexington Drive BELLA VISTA NSW 2153

A political party which has what it calls “sister organisations” known as “The Umbrella Group of The Party”.

And surprise, surprise – party members are now at least 500-550 in number, including those not into political correctness and/or sometime failed Senate candidates, aspiring to a mature, green and gold set of values, with directly elected Australian presidency, Homeland Australia assimilationist, intra Nationalism, libertarian, free market, free trade, decentralised small government and, what appears to translate as ‘buy Australia’, policies.

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