Monday, 19 June 2017

Tony Abbott turns being your own worst enemy into an art form

Mainstream media looks at the recent antics of Anthony John Abbott, failed prime minster................

Financial Review, 15 June 2017:

Tony Abbott's prospects of recontesting his seat at the next election are under increasing threat with momentum building within the NSW Liberal Party to bump him off at preselection.

Sources on both sides of the factional fence in NSW say Mr Abbott's latest outbursts over energy policy, in which he is contradicting views he once espoused as well as trying torpedo policy reform, is exacerbating his situation.

"He's trying to make himself so unpopular that soon, no one's going to help him," said one member of the NSW Right.

"I'm not even sure the Right will unite to save him."

The search for a candidate for the seat of Warringah is advanced with about four names in the mix. Factional bosses plan to keep quiet for as long as possible any eventual choice out of fear they will be taken apart by Mr Abbott's allies on talkback radio.

The Guardian
, 15 June 2017:

The former prime minister Tony Abbott said on radio station 2GB the decision to compensate those held in detention “looks like a windfall for people who unfairly took advantage of our nation’s generosity”.

Abbott said: “I don’t think this is the sort of case that should have even got to court, let alone resulted in this kind of a settlement.”

He also condemned the judges involved in the case, despite the settlement being negotiated between the government’s and plaintiff’s lawyers.

“We’ve got a judiciary that takes the side of the so-called victim rather than the side of common sense.”

Tony Abbott is the most high-profile backbencher in Australia, with regular appearances in newspapers, on radio and television and in contributions to Coalition party room debates.
As a former prime minister, he has made the most of the multiple media platforms available to him.

But there is one place the member for Warringah has remained largely silent: question time.

From his perch on the backbench, Mr Abbott has asked just one "Dorothy Dixer" question of a government minister in the current Parliament.

That one question was back on October 12, 2016, when Mr Abbott asked Trade Minister Steve Ciobo to "update the House on how the expanded Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement will support the government's plan for jobs and growth?"….

Other than Mr Abbott's one question, he has spoken just four times in the Parliament, on local matters related to his seat, on Papua New Guinea, and to give a personal explanation over his position on the Adler shotgun.

He has never given a speech on a government bill.

Business Insider, 16  June 2017:

In front of appalled colleagues, including a number of cabinet ministers, Abbott persisted with a stream of unpleasant abuse directed at Laundy. This was after the MP had responded to his first interjection by noting that, while he didn’t agree with anything Abbott said, he had politely listened to him put his position at great length and expected the same courtesy. According to a number of sources, Abbott then invited Laundy to “go f**k yourself”.

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