Wednesday, 4 October 2017

We've been there done that, Tony, and no sensible person wants a repeat

This was Australia in 1949…….

Apparently sacked former prime minister Liberal MP for Warringah Tony Abbott wants to return us to this past……., 28 September 2017:

TONY Abbott has been ordered by senior colleagues to cool it after he seemed to suggest the Army could invade the states which don’t expand natural gas production.

The former Prime Minister has said his successor Malcolm Turnbull could invoke “defence powers”, telling Fairfax Media the Commonwealth could then take management of resources from states.

This is not the first time Abbott has expressed a desire for military intervention – remember his push to allow the military a “shoot to kill” right on our streets?

SBS News, 5 June 2017:

Former prime minister Tony Abbott is encouraging the Turnbull Government to amend the Defence Act to allow specialist army regiments to take the lead on major domestic terror incidents.

Mr Abbott - who himself put a commando unit on standby during the Lindt café siege in December 2014 – has said on numerous occasions too many are concerned about “political correctness” and wants “shoot to kill” powers made a priority.

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