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Monday, 1 July 2013

Three faces of the Opposition under two different Australian Labor Prime Ministers

Liberal Party MP Christopher Pyne during the 
43rd Australian Parliament – Julia Gillard is Prime Minister
Liberal Party Senator Michaelia Cash during the 
43rd Australian Parliament – Kevin Rudd is Prime Minister
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott during the 
43rd Australian Parliament – Julia Gillard is Prime Minister
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott during the 
43rd Australian Parliament – Kevin Rudd is Prime Minister

* Photographs found at Google Images

Monday, 23 January 2012

Copy of formal agreement between Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and then MP-Elect Andrew Wilkie, 2 September 2010

As the political waters are likely to be muddies by vested interests of all political persuasions this week - here is the Gillard-Wilkie Agreement 2010. Read the source and then read those media opinions on current poker machine gambling policy and political rants as they roll out over the next few days.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Voters who say 'A plague on all your houses!'

Both the Labor Government and the Federal Opposition should take note of the Australian Electoral Commission’s report on the 2010 general election which resulted in the formation of a minority government because the national ballot produced no clear winner.

According to this report there has been a marked increase in ballot papers which represent a form of protest or unwillingness to support any political party or candidate, along with an apparent rise in the donkey vote.

Excerpts from Analysis of Informal Voting, House of Representatives, 2010 federal election:

* The 2010 House of Representatives election saw a substantial increase in the proportion of blank ballots (from 20.0 per cent of all informal ballots at the 2007 House of Representatives election to 28.9 per cent in 2010), with smaller increases in the proportions of ballots with ticks and crosses (from 9.9 per cent to 11.8 per cent) and scribbles, slogans or other protest vote marks (from 14.2 per cent to 16.9 per cent). The proportion of number ‘1’ only ballots decreased slightly (from 30.1 per cent of all informal ballots in 2007 to 27.8 per cent in 2010), while there was a more substantial decrease in the proportion of ballots with non-sequential numbering (from 17.9 per cent to 9.2 per cent).

* While more than a quarter of all informal votes cast in each state and territory were blank, blank ballots still comprise less than two (1.60) per cent of all votes cast. The highest proportions of blank ballots were cast by voters in Tasmania (34.1 per cent of all informal ballots) and South Australia (32.4 per cent). These also recorded the highest proportions of blank ballots for the 2007 House of Representatives election (29.3 and 26.9 per cent, respectively).

* Nationally, the rate of blank ballots doubled between the 2007 and 2010 House of Representatives elections, from 0.79 per cent of all votes cast in 2007 to 1.60 per cent of all votes cast in 2010. The states with the highest rates of blank ballots were New South Wales (1.84 per cent of all votes cast) and South Australia (1.77 per cent), while the lowest rates of blank ballots were cast by voters in the Australian Capital Territory (1.39 percent of all votes cast) and Tasmania (1.38 per cent).

* This was also the first federal election since informal ballot paper surveys began where the proportion of blank ballots was higher than the proportion of number '1' only ballots.

* As it is not possible to determine the true intent of voters casting informal ballots, the following analysis refers to assumed unintentional and assumed intentional informality. ■ Ballot papers with incomplete numbering, non-sequential numbering, ticks and crosses and those where the voter had been identified are assumed to be unintentionally informal. In other words, it is assumed that all voters completing ballot papers in these categories intended to cast a formal vote. ■ All other informal ballots (including blank ballots and those with scribbles, slogans or other protest vote marks) are assumed to be intentionally informal. In other words, it is assumed that all voters casting ballots papers in these categories intended to vote informally.

* The highest proportions of assumed unintentionally informal votes were cast by voters in New South Wales (58.8 per cent of all informal ballots) and the Northern Territory (54.8 per cent). The highest proportions of assumed intentionally informal ballots were cast by voters in Tasmania (64.7 per cent of all informal ballots) and Victoria (57.5 per cent). As shown in Figure 3 and Table 10 on the following page, the rate of assumed unintentional informal voting increased from 2.47 per cent of all votes cast in the 2007 House of Representatives election to 2.85 per cent of all votes cast in the 2010 House of Representatives election.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

If you thought the 2010 federal election campaign was lacklustre & media reporting ordinary - wait until you see what this ballot cost voters

Apparently Australian taxpayers spent over $53 million electing a minority government. Are we getting value for money so far from this Government and its Loyal Opposition?

From an Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) 13 October 2010 media release:

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has authorised the second and final payment to political parties and candidates for votes received at the 2010 federal election.

The final payment is $752,094, bringing the total to $53,163,385.

Payment is made in two stages, with the first stage based on the number of votes counted as at the 20th day after election day. This first stage payment was announced in an AEC media release of 20 September. The second payment is the remainder due once vote counting is finalised.

Payments are calculated using an indexed sum per first preference vote. At the 2010 federal election, each first preference vote was worth 231.191 cents.

In order to obtain election funding a candidate must obtain at least four per cent of the first preference vote.

At the 2007 federal election, a total of $49,002,639 was paid. The funding rate for the 2007 federal election was 210.027 cents per vote.

Following on page two is a breakdown of the election funding for the 2010 federal election.

Election results are available from the AEC's Virtual Tally Room.

Final Election Funding Payments Summary, 21 August 2010 Federal Election
Click on table to enlarge

And that is without adding the AEC's costs.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Oakeshott becoming a good reason for returning to the polls as soon as possible

The Independent MP for Lyne Rob "I thought the group hug meant something" Oakeshott's bid to become Speaker in the House of Representatives is trying the patience of many locals and raising a few eyebrows around the country.
As far as I'm concerned it's fast becoming a good reason why another House of Reps election should be called as soon as possible.
Australia deserves more than another wayward ego on the bully boy march even before Parliament is recalled - Tony Teh Wrecker (who thinks that the nation is nothing more than a gift wrapped present to be privately given at will) is enough to cope with as he trys to force his way into government.

The Oz on 18th September 2010:
ROB Oakeshott's parliamentary reform deal with Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott could open the way to High Court challenges to laws passed under the agreement.
Legal experts warned yesterday that granting a parliamentary "pair" to the new Speaker of the House of Representatives - ensuring the Speaker's vote was cancelled out by a member with the opposite position - breached the spirit of the Constitution and would invite a legal challenge.
The warning, from leading constitutional lawyer Geoff Lindell, raises doubts about the validity of key parts of an agreement struck by Labor and the Coalition with independent MPs over the powers of the Speaker.
Professor Lindell's view is in line with that of legal academic Greg Craven, the vice-chancellor of the Australian Catholic University, who argued that the parliamentary reform agreement ran contrary to the intention of the Constitution.
"What the agreement does is allow the Speaker almost to vote negatively by taking one vote off one side of parliament," Professor Craven said. "It gives the Speaker a negative vote." This meant the "parliamentary reform" agreement was "pushing against the intention of the Constitution"....
But Professor Lindell said the result of a pairing arrangement would give the Speaker the ability to influence the outcome of a vote on an issue.
Mr Oakeshott said last night that unless the agreement giving the Speaker a pair were honoured "all bets are off and we could be heading for Mexican standoff on the first day of parliament...."

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The commies are coming, the commies are coming! And they're bringing Oakeshott, ice & death duties!

Here is a Northern Rivers resident (published in The Daily Examiner yesterday) who obviously believed everything Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop said during the August 2010 federal election campaign and during the formation of the minority government:

Australia takes a lurch to the left

WELL, it looks like Australia has its first communist government.
As for this climate change tripe - climate change has been occurring since time began.
I have heard that there is more ice than a few years ago in the sea leading down to the South
Pole, not less.
So, what's going on?
Why don't they tell us the truth just for once?
Don't forget the Liberal mob got over 600,000 more votes in the election than the other mob, not the other way around.
Labor also lost about 15 seats.
God only knows what Julia Gillard promised the two turncoats to support her in this new parliament.
Did they take into consideration the new mining tax?
Talk about killing the hen that laid the golden eggs - bringing back death duty.
Or were they just thinking about this broadband rot?
Has anyone been told just how much it is going to cost to get this broadband into your home?
Will it be hundreds or thousands of dollars?
The Labor Party has just had three years stuffing up Australia.
Now it is going to get three more years to complete the job.
The Australian voters did not elect Julia Gillard; the two turncoats gave her the job.
Robert Oakeshott only thinks he is prime minister.

Junction Hill

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Somehow I don't think those budgie smugglers are going to fade away

Jules quite literally nails it in The Daily Examiner on 10 September 2010.

The 2010 Australian general election poll should finally be declared on Monday 13 September 2010.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Part of Teh Great Unhinging 2010

Well Pastor Nalliah's been at it again. Apparently the godbotherers are a mite upset down his way after the creation of a "wicked Government" this week:
Dear family & friends in Christ,
I know many of you would be very sad and disappointed at the outcome of the Australian Election. Please take some time to read through this email as I am sure it will encourage and challenge you to continue to stand for righteousness.
Who would have ever dreamed that one day we would have 2 atheists at the top job of running our government in Australia?
I too felt very sad for a few hours, but as I prayed to the Lord, I felt strongly in my spirit that this is not the time to mourn, but to rise up and fight the devil and his demonic powers of darkness even more, so that's exactly what I intend to do in the mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
There is a famous saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."  In Matthew 11:12 the Word of God says, "The Kingdom of God has suffered much violence, but the violent shall rise up and take it by force.".
So dear prayer warriors in our Lord Jesus Christ, we might have lost this spiritual battle, but remember we will definitely win the war in Jesus Name, as the ultimate battle and victory belongs to the Lord of Hosts! Truly, He has won it for us 2000 years ago on the Cross through His death and resurrection, by triumphing over death, hell, and the grave!

When we initially lost the court case with the Islamic Council of Victoria at VCAT in 2005, there were many who were very sad and many others who mocked and laughed at us, but I knew that God would give us the final laugh & victory, "not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts!" (Zechariah 4:6)  All glory to God as we did win the court case 2 years later in Supreme Court in 2007, securing Freedom of Speech and Religion in Australia. God will never put His children who stand for Him to shame!
You got to be fighting continually in spiritual warfare for the God of heaven to manifest His ultimate victory over the enemy on earth! Never ever give up!
I was shocked when I heard that the 2 Independents Tony Windsor & Rob Oakshott were supporting Labor. Hats off to Bob Katter for standing his ground. I suppose that Tony & Rob will soon find out the very big mistake they have made. I wonder whether they will ever get re-elected to Parliament in their electorate??
However, the fact is that we in Australia once again have Ms Julia Gillard as our PM, with her right hand man now being Bob Brown, the outspoken homosexual leader of the Greens. It is a very very sad day for Australia.
I personally want to apologise to anyone whom I might have disappointed by my dream regarding Julia Gillard conceding defeat. I always speak what is in my heart and get into trouble for doing so, but I am sure you will appreciate that I will not say one thing to your face and do something else behind your back.
I honestly thought that the dream I had was from the Lord and so I have not given up hope on it as yet.  It is very likely that the current Gillard Labor Green Government could collapse anytime.  As the American saying goes, "it ain't over until the fat lady sings!"
However, what I hoped for did not come to pass in this election at this time, so I am very, very sorry.

Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who supported the major prayer assault and sent many emails. Please do not lose heart. Your prayer and action did definitely produce great results. We have definitely taken the backbone out of the Labor party. They definitely now will find it very difficult to get legislation through Parliament as it is a minority Government.
There is another famous saying, "It only takes good men to do nothing for evil to triumph". It is so sad that so many church leaders did not speak up against the ungodly alliance of Labor's Julia Gillard and the Green's Bob Brown, but choose to remain silent because of political correctness. Unfortunately, they are equally to be blamed for putting in place such a wicked Government.
I believe if this current Government continues for 3 years (although I hope not), the true Church of Jesus Christ in Australia will come under severe politcal and social persecution. We as a nation, supported by many church leaders have chosen the path of persecution rather than peace and blessing.
Like in China and other nations where the onfire churches are persecuted, the churches which compromise will be free to operate, but those who stand up for righteousness will be persecuted.  Who knows, we might have to start underground house churches soon in Australia, like in China & Saudi Arabia. Oh, how exciting that will be as I have personally experienced many of them, since I served the Lord in Saudi Arabia with the underground house church movement.
One thing is for sure, under persecution the Church definitely will grow in quality and quantity. So come what may, the Lord's plans for Australia will be fulfilled through the remnant He has in this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit! Glory to God!
I am ready for the fight and I hope you are. Together, united as the Body of Christ, we will see our nation fulfil her destiny in our time in this generation.
It is very clear that our nation's government leaders from both sides of politics are not willing or are too scared to mention the name of Almighty God because of political correctness. We desperately need some men and women in Parliament who are honest and upright in the Lord.

In closing let me ask you a very, very important question. If given the opportunity, would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??

I really believe that it is time for a true voice of righteousness in our Parliament. If the current trend continues, the Greens will become a major hindrance for Godly values in Government which will affect our nation and all Christians in a very negative way.

Your feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. Please take some time to write at least one line letting us know what you think about it.  
Australia for Jesus!
May God Bless You Mightily in Your Service to Him,
Your Brother In Christ,
Pr Daniel Nalliah

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Phew! Terror Australis avoided by the narrowest of margins

Australia can now exhale.

Labor Party has formed a minority government after the 2010 general election produced a hung parliament and, as of yesterday, Julia Gillard is now the prime minister-designate.

By the narrowest of margins Labor negotiated an agreement with The Greens and three Independents resulting in 76 aligned seats to the Coalition's 75.

The spectre of Liberal Party Leader Tony Abbott holding the office of prime minister has been banished for the time being.

As a member of the Liberal Party of Australia, federal member of parliament, former minister in the Howard Government and latterly as Leader of the Opposition, Abbott has clearly demonstrated that he acknowledges few (if any) ethical boundaries to the exercise of political power.
For this reason alone Abbott is a politician to be wary of and one who could have become a dangerous prime minister.

However, the nation is not out of the woods yet. By now Abbott will have convinced himself that the process he so recently hoped would deliver him control of the country was not legitimate and, will be seeking ways to disrupt parliament, destabilise the political process and sabotage confidence in government.

The rest of the Coalition will also soon be shouting that they were robbed of the crown and (based on past performance) no political dirty trick will be too small and no lie too large.

The nation may well be in for a few very painful years.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Coalition frenzy peaks on Twitter with QLDYoungLNP

As decision time draws nearer for the three still un-aligned Independents, the Coalition frenzy at the thought of a Gillard federal minority government has reached new heights on Twitter.

QLDYoungLNP (Matthew Quinlan) appeared on the horizon on 1 September 2010 and the venom spewed forth in an almost inexhaustible stream until last night this particular tweeter was apparently advised to cool it by his political colleagues; For now, I have been instructed to make my tweets private, may change in future, stay tuned REAL conservatives, others.. no. #ausvotes 24 minutes ago via web

However, he is still getting well-deserved grief from the Twitterverse concerning his 'reconditioned' account:

Click on snapshot to enlarge

OhCrap's Archive has captured details of this strange twist on how-to-win-friends-and-influence-people and, there are 176 tweet highlights collected on Jame's Blog and downloadable in PDF form:

Do we trust the evil ALP who gave us $180000000000 debt or Coalition who has given us surplus and paid back the debt?
#ausvotes #auswaits 11:29 PM Sep 1st via web

I wonder what remains in the Left's bag of anti-democratic tricks.. surely their disdain for democracy is not at an end #ausvotes #auswaits 2:45 PM Sep 2nd via web

ALP & Greens discourage Gen Y from rocking the socialist boat, they're encouraged to be slothful leeches. #auswaits #ausvotes 3:00 PM Sep 2nd via web

Under the ALP & Greens, all the drive to succeed is sucked out of a person, replaced by success-hating and welfare dependence #ausvotes Thu Sep 02 2010 15:10:05 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) via web

Do we want prosperity under the Coalition or risk the ALP & Greens = poor, unaccomplished drunks and losers who hate success? #ausvotes Thu Sep 02 2010 15:13:15 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) via web

Under Coalition, OZ is a place that fosters excellence, not soft cowards and drunks on welfare like under the ALP. #ausvotes #auswaits Thu Sep 02 2010 15:19:56 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) via web

You should consider @QLDYoungLibs a no spin zone so if you're a sacred cow of the liberal left who is easily offended, leave now #ausvotes Thu Sep 02 2010 16:01:39 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) via web

@externallylaws from what I've seen there has been a fair bit of premeditated provocation by those of you on the left. Thu Sep 02 2010 17:14:54 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) via web in reply to externallylaws

@_Laverne this Twitter account is the official conduit for QLD Young LNP. Thu Sep 02 2010 17:23:51 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) via web in reply to _Laverne

ALP stands for one thing: spending money we don't have to win votes from the bottomfeeders of society. #ausvotes #auswaits Thu Sep 02 2010 20:25:34 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) via mobile web

Reminder 140 characters could cost you a smack in the mouth if you're not careful, plenty of deserving personal attacks from Left #ausvotes about 21 hours ago via web

I consider myself to be open minded on a lot of things however I will NOT tolerate a Communist OZ Gov't #ausvotes #auswaits about 21 hours ago via web

@ByronStafford unfortunately I am gifted with a little thing called personal responsibility, you lefties oughta try it some time #ausvotes about 22 hours ago via web in reply to ByronStafford

@MStrudwicke once again the debaucherous left displays their total lack of class! #ausvotes about 22 hours ago via web in reply to MStrudwicke

Do we want Gov led by those who want to strip OZ of its identity and heritage by turning it into Africa & the Middle East? NO NO #ausvotes Fri Sep 03 2010 20:33:57 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) via web

If you don't support the coalition, you are by extension supporting
#ausvotes #auswaits Fri Sep 03 2010 14:41:59 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) via mobile web

@TheFacelessSpin thanks for the support, battling the tide of intellectually inferior lefties is bloody tough work on a Saturday! about 4 hours ago via web in reply to TheFacelessSpin

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Bailed Up! Now into our 14th day of political uncertainty

It is now fourteen days since Australia went to a general election meant to decide its next federal government and still three of the five newly elected/re-elected members of parliament holding the balance of power in the House of Representatives have not made a decision concerning exactly which minority government they will support - Labor or the Liberal/Nationals Coalition.

The situation entered into farce early on when one successful WA Nationals candidate also attempted to deal himself in as an independent, even though he was firmly in the Coalition camp during the election campaign according to the party's website.

Now we are approaching a political climate in which supposedly considered judgement is beginning to give way to highway robbery as the three remaining unaligned seasoned independent MPs hold the nation and the two main parliamentary parties to ransom.

The fact that the Australian Electoral Commission will not be declaring the national poll within the next few days is no excuse for these prima donnas milking the situation for all it is worth.
By 4.30pm on 3 September 2010, 91.22% of the primary vote had been counted and the two party preferred count was 86.72% complete with only one seat considered technically doubtful according to a finely-honed computer program.

One wonders why any of us bothered to vote at all. Enough is enough. Align by Monday morning Messrs Katter, Oakeshott and Windsor (or announce that you will not be supporting a minority government) if you want to retain any semblance of credibility.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Who kicked the NSW North Coast Nats anthill in 2010?

The NSW North Coast Nats have been in a quiet frenzy since a minority government became the new political reality.
The idea of Rob Oakeshott (who resigned from the National Party in 2002) in the quartet holding balance of power has them swarming out of the nest like so many irritated and agitated green ants.
To anyone who'll listen they are suggesting that if Oakeshott supports a Labor federal government he would be betraying a predominately National's electorate.
Eh? Come again fellas? A National Party electorate?
The region covered by the Lyne electorate is fiercely independent and hasn't supported the Nats at federal level since a September 2008 by-election.
At state level the Port Macquarie electorate hasn't been Nats since 2002 (when first Oakeshott and then Besseling were incumbent NSW state independents) and again at state level the Oxley electorate may have been held by the present NSW Nats leader Andrew Stoner since 1999 but he will be challenged by yet another independent in March 2011.
More than a few locals down that way are talking up the possibility of an indie trifecta by next year.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Chr*st on a bike!

Just when it felt safe to get back in the water, along comes this from the abacus of Antony Green over at Australia Votes 2010:

Senate Results - South Australia

Elected Candidates

1Alex GALLACHERAustralian Labor Party
2Mary Jo FISHERLiberal Party
3Anne McEWENAustralian Labor Party
4Sean EDWARDSLiberal Party
5Penny WRIGHTAustralian Greens
6Bob DAYFamily First Party

Detailed Results
  • Percentage vote counted: 82.57%
  • Quota: 125724 votes

On Twitter:

#ausvotes Bob Day of Family First pulls ahead of Liberals in race for SA Senate seat. May be only temporarly

Australian Labor Party redeems itself in historic agreement with The Greens in Federal Parliament [Transcript]

The Australian Labor Party entered into an historic agreement with The Greens on 1 September 2010.

This agreement comes into effect when federal government is formed after the results of the 21 August 2010 general election are declared.

It resets the national agenda in relation to climate change, constitutional recognition of Australia's first peoples, situating local government within the constitution, parliamentary reform and political donations among other matters.

As the goodwill this agreement represents does not appear entirely dependent on Labor forming a minority government, it also potentially creates a formidable force the Coalition and Tony Abbott may have to deal with as a political reality for the next three years at least.

Full transcript here.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Australian electors disenfranchised by AEC failure to handle ballot papers correctly

Given the general malaise which afflicted the national psyche over the last two months, it comes as no surprise that at least 2,977 early votes cast for the Division of Boothby (South Australia) and 452 early votes cast for the Division of Flynn (Queensland) will not be counted in the 21 August 2010 Australian Federal Election, because the handling of these ballots breached the Commonwealth Electoral Act and the Australian Electoral Commission has instigated urgent examinations into the circumstances which led to the exclusion of these votes. The examinations will establish the facts surrounding the incidents and report findings to the Electoral Commissioner.

ABC News reporting on the Boothby count:

The ALP demanded an investigation into how the voting papers were handled by an official.
Its candidate Annabel Digance achieved a swing toward Labor in the marginal seat.
The party has not ruled out going to the Court of Disputed Returns.
ALP South Australian secretary Michael Brown says the party will decide whether to pursue the matter once the AEC investigation is finished.
"We do not have any confidence now that the 3,000 votes counted were actually the 3,000 votes that were cast," he said.
"The AEC has agreed with us that those votes cannot be included so it's now the case that we do not know at this stage and may never know who actually was elected."
Mr Southcott has claimed victory with a current lead of 1,394 votes.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Day 11 and the vote count continues......

It's 72 all, it's 72-73 in the Coalition's favour, it's 71-73 with one still in doubt, he's up she's down - everyday brings a reassessment of the possible election result.

Here is the official Australian Election Commission tally at the beginning of Day 11 of the ballot count:

Click on images to enlarge

As of 9.56pm last night 84.90% of the primary vote has been counted and, the two party preferred count was 80.63% complete.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Rambo of the North: Take a bow Senator H.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott likes to tell the world that the Labor Party is ill-disciplined and in disarray.

However, it would seem that it is the Coalition which is showing the more damaging cracks in its veneer, as the both sides of the political divide try to woo the four independent MPs who will decide who forms the minority government flowing from the August 2010 Australian Federal Election results.

ABC radio news reports this morning state that NSW North Coast Independent MP Rob Oakeshott is complaining of Rambo-style telephone calls received. In particular one call from a Liberal Party member of parliament who introduced himself as "The Devil".

Now from personal experience I would say that there is only one senior politician who has a propensity to start a conversion in the manner, so..........
take a bow Senator Bill Heffernan.

You've probably reduced your fearless leader to biting through his pillow during the night and, this morning's report of an apology is unlikely to have papered over those cracks.

Jaysus, that fork-tongued sssnake is at it again!

Not content with telling pork pies on his own behalf - now Libs Leader Tony Abbott is inventing words for Nats Leader Warren Truss and getting called on it when interviewed on Aunty's Insiders:

BARRIE CASSIDY: What has Warren Truss said over the last three days that you regard as meritorious?
TONY ABBOTT: Well Warren has said that he understands their position, the three rural independents, and he's happy to work with them.
BARRIE CASSIDY: I must have missed that. I haven't seen him interviewed anywhere.
TONY ABBOTT: Well look Warren has been talking to lots of people and certainly I've had lots of conversations with him and that's very much the message that I'm getting.