Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The plot begins to unravel - will Abbott and Pyne be left holding the thread?

It must have been a hard twenty-four hours for the Coalition lynch-mob headed by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and his trusty henchman Christopher Pyne.

First a Federal Court judge asked for reasons to be presented as to why he should not find Health Services Union (HSU) national secretary Kathy Jackson in contempt of court because she allegedly attempted to inappropriately contact him without other parties being aware.

The judge also referred to a June 1 affidavit of Ms Jackson which contained "potentially scandalous allegations" and unless it was read in court, he would not allow the public access to the document. "This case is going to be conducted in court and not in the newspapers," he said on Tuesday.

Then a former sex worker (pictured below) at the heart of one of their favourite allegations went on television and stated she was out of the country in May 2005 and couldn’t have met with Craig Thomson.

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