Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Monday, 8 July 2019

Australian Women’s Cricket XI does it again

The Australian Women’s Cricket XI comprehensively defeated England in the third ODI played at St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury. England won the toss and elected to field. Australia scored 7/269 in their 50 overs and then bundled out England for just 75 in only 32.5 overs. Player of the match was Australia’s Ellyse Perry with her match-winning bowling performance, taking 7/22 off her 10 overs.

Australia's victory means they lead England by six points to nil and the hosts must win the four-day Test match, worth four points, starting on July 18, and then win at least two of the remaining three T20s - and lose none - in order to wrest the Ashes from the tourists.

Read ESPNCRICINFO’s match report along with the ball-by-ball commentary and the scorecard here.

War games - how oxymoronic!

Many media reports, including this one and this one, about military events in Queensland and the Northern Territory involving about 25,000 military personnel from Australia and the United States, along with Japanese and New Zealand military “assets” and personnel, are describing the events as “war games”.

Seriously, “war games” is right up there with “military intelligence” at the top of the list of classic oxymorons.

Just the mention of “war games” causes this bloke to see red.

C’mon journos, it’s lazy journalism. Drop it like a red-hot potato.

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Rugby League caller arrested while on the job, and no! it wasn't that Ray or the other Ray

Startling news!
More action off the ground than on the ground.

A rugby league commentator was arrested in northern NSW this afternoon during the call of the game. NCV is not at liberty to mention reasons for the NRL caller's arrest but it does get coverage here.

The local newspaper's online report on this event concluded with  (all names have been redacted), "Ironically after ABCD's arrest, local solicitor XYZ stepped up to take ABCD's spot on the commentary team for the remainder of the game."

1. My mate Jacko for so promptly bringing this item to my attention

2. The local newspaper's online report's text and images

Brian says what many others are thinking

A contributor to the letters section of  Grafton's Daily Examiner, which is distributed primarily throughout the Clarence Valley, has highlighted an issue in Yamba.

However, its relevance has much wider application.

Thanks Brian, for putting this unacceptable driving misbehaviour out there for others and, hopefully those to whom he writes about, to read and in the case of the latter,hopefully remedying their ways.

Firstly, and most importantly, Brian A. Simpson

Friday, 5 July 2019

NT News sets yet another new low level

Wednesday's NT News provided yet another example of the depths to which it's prepared to go to ensure it maintains it position at the bottom of the bottom of the gutter of Oz newspaper reporting.

Its pages 1 and 2 coverage had to be seen to be believed. Perhaps the paper is doing its best to get another mention on ABC TV's Media Watch.

NCV won't upset any apple carts or scare any horses by providing a blow-by-blow coverage of the item in question. Most of it's not for for human consumption.

Below are snaps of those pages.

Yet again, I'm indebted to my mate Elwyn for a heads up.

Credit (not so sure that's the right term to use, given the nature of it) to NT News