Thursday, 4 March 2010

The blogosphere's talking about Tony Abbott

There are currently 43,648 mentions of Australian Liberal Party Leader Tony Abbott on Google Blog Search.
Here are a few:

If you had him in your family or as one of your friends, you'd quickly learn to ignore him. You'd laugh at him, write him off as a hysterical drop kick, or both. Oh, you'd say, there goes Tony again, with his lunatic conspiracy theories. Don't take any notice of him he's over-the top........
It doesn't take genius to see Abbott's modus operandi. He makes far-out statements in the hope that some mud will stick. He then backs off and resumes a more reasonable demeanour. In short, he is toying with us. Like a two-year-old child, he's testing out how far he can go before the adults impose limits on him. Unlike the child, he's fully cognisant of what he's doing and the consequences. His hope is that we are so thick we'll take his comments seriously, or at least factor them in as possibilities, and begin to see the Rudd government's apparently inexhaustible and dangerous potential for nothing less than absolute evil....
Jennifer Wilson at Online Opinion on 22nd February 2010

Abbott still misunderstands the role of effective, election-winning opposition, which is to keep the focus on the incumbent. I'm sure he's rubbing his hands at every headline he's getting, but all they do is keep the focus on him and his antics, and not the government.
PatrickG commenting at Larvatus Prodeo on 25th February 2010

As Abbott and Julie Bishop notch up their first 80 days as the new Opposition leadership team, the odds that they can pull off an election win are shortening. As unlikely as it seemed only two months ago, they may get there in time.
Ross Fitzgerald 23rd February 2010

For Abbott's Army it is victory after victory after victory and I know you are all high on the scent of blood and ready to do whatever your Commander in Chief (me) asks.
Tony with tongue firmly in cheek over at Abbott's Army: Forward to a safer past on 1st March 2010

We are getting a clearer picture of Opposition policies under Tony Abbott. It's full steam ahead to the past, circa 2004 to 2007:
Work Choices Light
Global Warming Slack
Hospital Boards Slight
Medibank Private Fire Sale
Refugee Reject

Kevin Rennie at Labor View from Bayside 17 February 2010

Paul Toohey has a piece in the Herald Sun:
The PM, God and women – according to Tony Abbott. It's not a profile because only Abbott was interviewed. It's not Abbott's response to another politician. It's just a puff piece. But it's full of shit from Abbott:
"I do not regard myself as a Christian politician. I regard myself as a politician who just happens to think religion matters. I would be appalled, absolutely appalled, to think religion drove anyone's politics in a secular democracy like ours."
Seems Tony Abbott thinks we all have a short memory for when Parliament voted to remove his control of RU486.
And how's this quote from Abbbott about Rudd: "I also occasionally thought he was a little bit more in love with the sound of his own voice than he should have been." Pot, kettle, black.
The News With Nipples on 20th February 2010

Oz leader Tony Abbott misses sex during election campaigns!
Post tiltle at Buzz 7 on 19th February 2010

I am mesmerised by Tony Abbott. A conservative politician who actually articulates conservative values! A political leader who actually leads! Such a phenomenon is unknown in Britain, where David Cameron's Conservatives believe they have to go with the left-wing flow. And of all issues, Abbott actually won his party leadership through scorning man-made global warming theory for the scam that it is. This is surely as if Galileo had been elected to the Papacy. Abbott thus took on and bested not only Prime Minister Rudd but his own Liberal party colleagues who had supported Rudd's ruinous environmental policies. And wonder of wonders, such realism is winning votes; people queue up to say to me: 'At last, a politician who tells it as it is.' As a result, Abbott is snapping at Rudd's heels. A politician who is not afraid to tell unfashionable truths to ideological power; a conservative who is fighting on the right side of the culture wars. Can I bottle him and take him home with me?
Melanie Phillips on 24 February 2010

SYDNEY'S Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras went political last night with WorkChoices, budgie smugglers and the undead sending a message straight to Tony Abbott.
More than 70 members of union WorkersOut! a collective of working individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and intergender took part in the float "Tony Abbott and WorkChoices Undead?" and marched down Oxford Street in a sparkly protest.
The majority were dressed as zombies with slogans saying "Tony Abbott loves WorkChoices" and "Tony Abbott hates your rights at work".


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Melania Philips cracks me up. She has to be the silliest commentator writing for a commercial publisher anywhere in the world.

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