Monday, 25 October 2021

With an unabated rise in the health impacts and environmental risks of global climate change UN member nations meet in Glasgow UK for 13 days starting 31 October 2021

The COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference, hosted by the United Kingdom in partnership with Italy, will take place from 31 October to 12 November 2021 in the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow.

Australian Prime Minister & Liberal MP for Cook Scott Morrison has stated his intention to attend – at this point without a clear, documented and funded national climate change net zero CO2-e emissions policy.

A little light reading while the nation waits…...

The Lancet, 23 October 2021:

Published annually, the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change is an international, multidisciplinary collaboration, dedicated to monitoring the evolving health profile of climate change, and providing an independent assessment of the delivery of commitments made by governments worldwide under the Paris Agreement. All content on this page is either Open Access or has been made free to read with registration.

The 44 indicators of this latest report, published in October 2021, expose an unabated rise in the health impacts of climate change, and a delayed and inconsistent response of countries around the world. The imperative is clear for accelerated action putting the health of people and planet above all else.

Read the latest Countdown report


While the world's attention has been diverted towards the ongoing acute health crisis, the health effects of human-induced climate change continue to increase. Climate change contributed to the unusually high temperatures seen during 2020 in the UK and Siberia; the record-breaking heatwave that affected populations across the Pacific Northwest areas of the USA and Canada in June, 2021, which caused more than 1000 deaths (a number expected to increase); accelerated glacier retreat that is putting the Huaraz (Peru) under imminent flooding risk; and Australia's devastating 2019–20 bushfire season…..

National and regional reports were published for Australia (in partnership with the Medical Journal of Australia), China, and SIDS. For the third year, the data underpinning each of the Lancet Countdown's indicators have been shared through an online data visualisation platform, where they can be explored at finer spatial and temporal scales…..

It is estimated that smoke from the 2019–20 Australian fires affected 80% of Australia's population and resulted in hundreds of deaths and thousands of people admitted to hospital. 

Sunday, 24 October 2021

Barnaby Joyce & Co name the price Australia has to pay to secure their agreement to a 'net zero' national climate change policy

And the horror story that is the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government's policy responses to the risks associated with ongoing climate change continues....

The Saturday Paper, Post, 22 October 2021:


A brief summary of part of Day 4 of NSW ICAC Operation Keppel's 2021 public hearings


The role of the Cabinet Standing Committee on Expenditure (Expenditure Review Committee or ERC) is to assist Cabinet and the Treasurer in:

  • framing the fiscal strategy and the Budget for Cabinet's consideration

  • driving expenditure controls within agencies and monitoring financial performance

  • considering proposals with financial implications brought forward by Ministers.

ERC is the only committee of Cabinet that can recommend any new spending or revenue proposals to Cabinet.

All spending, revenue or tax expenditure proposals by Ministers must be considered by ERC prior to final Cabinet approval unless otherwise agreed by the Premier, Deputy Premier and Treasurer…..

The Treasurer is the Chair of the ERC. The Treasurer determines the order of proceedings, and summarises the decisions made for recording by the note takers. The Secretary, Department of Premier and Cabinet, is the Secretary to the Committee. The Department of Premier and Cabinet and Treasury will provide note takers for meetings." []  [my yellow highlighting]

From 02 Apr 2015 to 23 Jan 2017 Liberal MP for Willoughby Gladys Berejiklian as NSW Treasurer was chair of the Estimates Review Committee of Cabinet (ERC) and from 23 Jan 2017 to 05 Oct 2021 she was Premier of New South Wales.

Ongoing evidence at Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) 2021 Operation Keppel public hearings to date confirms that the Estimates Review Committee revealed on 4 December 2016 that it had approved $5.5 million expenditure in 2016/2017 to the Office of Sports with funding sourced from the Retart NSW Fund program, Regional Growth – Environment and Tourism Fund.

The Restart NSW Fund - itself financed by way of the sale of government infrastructure or privatisation of its assets - being the responsibility of the NSW Treasurer.

At that point NSW Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian had been chair of the ERC for approximately 20 months and based on previous evidence given by the then Liberal MLA for Wagga Wagga had been in a close personal friendship with him which began sometime between 2013-2015.

However, the bureaucratic path taken in assessment of the Australian Clay Target Association’s expanded proposal for an upgrade in sporting facilities as well as a new club & conference centre appears rather circuitous.

Apparently continuing a level of public service confusion which had marked the progression of this on-off funding request since 2012.

Indeed, by 2 January 2017 the then MLA for Wagga Wagga sent out a media release announcing the gun club funding grant before the bureaucrats had signed off on the still problematic business case.

When by midmorning of 23 January 2017 Ms. Berejiklian swopped horses, becoming NSW Premier on the retirement of Liberal MLA for Manly, Mike Baird, the Liberal Member for Epping Dominic Perrottet became NSW Treasurer and therefore the new chair of the Expenditure Review Committee (ERC).

The ACTA unresolved and unsatisfactory business case was still stumbling along on 2 April 2017 when it appears that no matter how one looked at the cost-benefit analysis of the proposal, any projected economic benefit being returned to that regional city, the Liberal-held electorate or the state as a whole, was likely to be less than the $5.5 million cost of upgrading & expanding that Wagga Wagga gun club.

By that April it had been about 4 years and 4 months since the then Liberal Member for Wagga Wagga had first written to then NSW Premier and Liberal Member for Ku-ring-gai, Barry O’Farrell, raising the subject of funding the gun club upgrade of it sporting facilities.

An ordinary person might be forgiven for thinking that by this time ACTA would have been losing support in Macquarie Street for the Olympic-level gun club and associated facilities it planned for Wagga Wagga.

However, evidence given at Operation Keppel public hearings suggest that staff members of Deputy-Premier and Liberal MLA for Monaro, John Barilario, were letting it be known that he supported the ACTA gun club proposal. Barilaro was also a member of the Executive Review Committee of Cabinet when first Berejiklian and then Perrottet chaired this committee as NSW Treasurer.

Mr. Barilaro’s staff allegedly telling at least one public servant assessing/ progressing the $5.5 million grant proposal that the gun club project was of special interest to Premier Berejiklian.

In June 2017 Regional NSW, Department of Premier and Cabinet appears to have sent the grant proposal to the Department’s Investment Appraisal Unit allegedly following a request by the Premier – there being a belief that the Premier’s Office & the Premier wanted the ACTA business case for a large clubhouse, conference facility and associated infrastructure revisited.

Across three successive NSW Coalition Governments it seem premiers and cabinet ministers have been prepared to spend an inordinate amount of public service time and money on progressing the desires of then Liberal MLA for Wagga Wagga.

To be continued......

Saturday, 23 October 2021

As of 21 October in the Northern NSW Local Health District the total number of locally acquired COVID-19 infections has reached 111 men, women and children across 7 local government areas since the Delta Variant Outbreak began community transmission in this region in early September 2021

Descriptive approximation of SARS-CoV-2 virus
IMAGE: Red-Diamond / Shutterstock

NSW Health reported that as of 8pm on Thursday 21 October 2021 there has been a total of 67,024 locally acquired cases of COVID-19 confirmed since the NSW Delta Variant Outbreak was first reported on 16 June 2021 and, a combined total 72,710 cases since the SARS-CoV-2  pandemic began in New South Wales in February 2020. 

 That number includes 492 COVID-19 related deaths since 16 June, which represents 89.78% of all COVID-19 related deaths since the pandemic began.


There are currently 482 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital across the state, with 125 people in intensive care, 67 of whom require ventilation. 

 As of 21 October in the Northern NSW Local Health District the total number of locally acquired COVID-19 infections has reached 111 men, women and children across 7 local government areas since the Delta Variant Outbreak since community transmission in this local health district began in mid September 2021.

As at 22 October 2021 more than 100 people in Northern NSW have been cared for under an enhanced community-based virtual care service (based on the original NSW Hospital-in-the-Home service) which provides monitoring and clinical care for COVID-19-positive residents in Northern NSW who do not require admission to hospital.

Currently 2 people in Northern NSW are being cared for in hospital, one in Intensive Care.

As of 8pm on 21 October 2021 est. 31 people have contracted locally acquired SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant in the Clarence Valley Local Government Area from around 27 September onwards.

Further state-wide & Northern NSW COVID-19 updates can be accessed here:

For vaccination rate information go to this NSW Postcode & LGA interactive map:

Friday, 22 October 2021

Labor Member for Lismore Janelle Saffin took the healthy rivers & water security concerns of residents in 7 Northern NSW local government areas to the Legislative Assembly - predictably former mining consultant & Nationals Member for Clarence Chris Gulaptis spoke against her & over 10,000 petitioners



This video covers the full acceptance of petition debate concerning the "STOP CANGAI MINE" petition.

This debate was distinguished by the sheer number of misstatements of fact and untruths uttered by members of the NSW Perrottet Coalition Government.


Thursday, 21 October 2021

COVID-19 State of Play: Northern NSW infection growth 15 to 19 October 2021

Between Friday 16 October and Tuesday 19 October 2021 there were 6 confirmed cases of COVID-19 cases across postcodes 2460, 2462 & 2463 in the Clarence Valley Local Government Area,   In the same time period there was 1 case reported in Lismore LGA and 1 in Ballina LGA.

Up to 19 October there have been a total of 102 COVID-19 cases recorded in the Northern NSW Local Health District since the Delta Variant Outbreak entered north-east NSW on or about 13 September 2021 and within days community transmission started to spread into all 7 local government areas.  

It would appear that to date around 28 per cent of all people in north-east NSW infected in this outbreak reside in the Clarence Valley.

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

A brief overview of part of Day Two of 2021 NSW ICAC Operation Keppel investigation public hearings


Apparently the Liberal MP for Wagga Wagga Daryl Maguire first approached the NSW Minister for Sport Graham Annesley in September 2012 requesting the minister meet with the Executive Officer of the Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA), concerning the possibility of a government grant to upgrade the facilities of an existing regional gun club in his electorate.

At that time Liberal MP for Willoughby Gladys Berejiklian was Minisrer for Transport and it is understood from evidence given to ICAC in 2020 that the admitted close personal friendship of Maguire and Berejiklian began sometime between 2013 and 2015.

The outcome of that particular meeting was a ministerial request that funding be sought from within the then Liberal MP for Manly & NSW Treasurer Mike Bairds portfolio. However as a low-priority project it was rejected for funding the 2013/14 state budget.

Sometime in January 2016 the Member for Wagga Wagga appears to have again written to Minister for Sport (now the Liberal MP for Penrith Stuart Ayers) advising that the Australian Clay Target Association’s original somewhat sketchy proposal had been tightened and reworked from an upgrade of the shooting range to the building of a suitable new clubhouse.

At that time Maguire informed the Minister for Sport that he had also approached the Treasurer. By this time Gladys Berejiklian had been NSW Treasurer since 2 April 2015.

It was also after January 2016 that the funding request had morphed into a plan to for ISSF level facilities as well as a new clubhouse and office complex.

It seems ACTA had $1.2 million set aside for this project and was requesting an additional $4.9 million in funding from the Baird Coalition Government.

Presumably for the Wagga Wagga club to compete for hosting rights to a World Cup event for trap shooting - even though there was already a large Olympic standard facility in Sydney.

By 20 June 2016. despite still being assessed as a low-priority project, the Minister for Sports, now the Liberal Member for Penrith, Stuart Ayers, apparently suggested a $40,000 grant for ACTA to develop a business case for the club.


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