Monday, 18 October 2021

Two enormous authoritarian egos battle for control of Australia's fate


NSW Premier Dominic Francis Perrottet (left) and Australian Prime Minister Scott John Morrison (right). IMAGE: Crikey, 6 October 2021

It has been painfully obvious since he first gained a federal government ministry that the Liberal prime minister of almost 200 social media 'nicknames', Scott John Morrison, is firm in his belief that his own political and personal decisions have the blessing of his god.

It is also becoming apparent that, in his turn, the current Liberal premier of NSW, Dominic Francis Perrottet, is unshakeably convinced his way is always the right way for the state and for the country.

The belief of both these proudly Christian, rigidly authoritarian, xenophobic, chauvinistic men in the rightness of their 'leadership', means they wield power with little thought to the public good or the safety of their citizens.

No matter how parlous their respective budgetary bottom lines are or how close economic neoliberalism is to their hearts, in the midst of a global pandemic is not the time for ego-driven 'one-upmanship' by the 'Prime Minister of NSW'  and the 'Premier of Australia'. 

Communities and families right across the country will suffer if these two politicians won't cease pawing the ground, tossing heads, snorting and bellowing, in a foolish attempt to establish dominance & territory.

Financial Review, 15 October 2021:

A couple of weeks ago, without consulting the states, the Prime Minister announced he would be re-opening the international borders in states where the vaccination rate had hit 80 per cent.

It’s time to give Australians their lives back,” Scott Morrison said, in what appeared for all intents and purposes to be a move designed to ensure he was the bloke getting the credit for opening things up, whatever states and territories might be doing, not to mention giving the whole opening up thing a good nudge along the way.

The fact he hadn’t mentioned it to the states – despite the significant ramifications it has for them as the ones responsible for trying to manage the spread of COVID-19 and the quarantine system (offloaded by the federal government) – meant the Prime Minister could hardly complain on Friday when the new NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet returned the favour by announcing his government would be removing both quarantine requirements and caps on overseas arrivals from November 1.

Perrottet didn’t mention it to any of the other states either of course, leaving the country in an apparently ludicrous shambles of restrictions: as many people have pointed out, of being able to travel from Sydney to Paris, but not Brisbane, Perth, Tasmania, the Northern Territory or even Canberra.

The last vestiges of the “national plan” – if there were any after Morrison’s move on international borders – have thus been smashed: that is, the stated idea that no one would open up until everyone had reached 80 per cent, regardless of individual states’ vaccination figures.

There’s so much to contemplate in this development: the humiliation – if the federal government was apt to feel such a thing – of a state government appearing to unilaterally end quarantine arrangements (the responsibility of the federal government) and overseas arrivals caps for starters

It looked for all the world as if the state government was running the joint. Perrottet the premier of Australia. Just as Scott Morrison has been dubbed the prime minister for NSW.

Before Perrottet’s announcement, we had heard nothing this week from the PM since Monday – when he emerged out of The Lodge to once again try to share in the joy of (and credit for) the end of lockdown in NSW……

Read the complete article by Laura Tingle here.

A regional NSW weekend of #COVIDIOTS in the pub & in the bush


NSW Police, News, 16 & 17 October 2021:

Statement from Commissioner Mick Fuller regarding Singleton business closure

Saturday, 16 October 2021 05:14:23 PM

Officers from Hunter Valley Police District have served a licensed premises on George Street, Singleton, with an order to close today (Saturday 16 October 2021), due to alleged repeated breaches of the public health orders.

The closure order follows a number of previous interactions with the licensee – a 57-year-old man – due to repeated and continued breaches of the Public Health Order by allegedly allowing – and not taking steps to prevent – unvaccinated people being at the premises. [my yellow highlighting]

Police have attended the venue numerous times in the past week and issued the licensee three PINs and staff members three PINs for breaching the public health orders.

The venue will remain closed until midnight on Tuesday (19 October 2021).


Charges laid after unauthorised events - Tweed/Byron

Sunday, 17 October 2021 04:43:51 PM

Eleven people have been charged following unauthorised gatherings held at national parks on the state’s north coast overnight. [my yellow highlighting]

Just after 9.15pm (Saturday 16 October 2021), police were alerted to an unauthorised gathering being held within bushland at Tyagarah Nature Reserve.

Officers from Tweed/Byron Police District attended, and the crowd dispersed into bushland.

About 1am (Sunday 17 October 2021), police were alerted to a separate event at Billinudgel Nature Reserve and shut down the event, dispersing the crowd.

The organiser, a 25-year-old man, was spoken to with sound and lighting equipment and prohibited drugs seized from the site.

The Byron Bay man was issued a cannabis caution after being found in possession of cannabis as well as a $1,000 PIN for breaching the Public Health Order and an infringement for the consumption of alcohol in a National Park.

Police established a stationary breath testing site at the intersection of Jones and Wooyung Roods.

During the operation 10 drivers were charged, five with low-range PCA and five with Mid-Range PCA. They will all face court at a later date. An additional four drivers were issued infringements for traffic offences.

Of note, a Toyota Hiace was stopped by officers on Wooyong Road, after failing to stop at the site. [my yellow highlighting]

The driver fled into nearby bushland and following a foot pursuit, the 21-year-old man, was found injured, with a suspected fractured ankle.

He was treated by paramedics and taken to Tweed Hospital, under police guard, for treatment.

The man was later transferred to Tweed Heads Police Station and charged with drive motor vehicle during disqualification period. An outstanding warrant was also executed.

He is due to appear at Tweed Heads Local Court on Monday 6 December 2021.

Inquiries continue to identify attendees and further breaches.

Tweed/Byron Police District Commander, Superintendent David Roptell said unauthorised gatherings of this type will not be tolerated and we appeal to the community to report suspected breaches which may impact on the health and safety of the community.

Not only are events like these illegal, but they also pose a serious safety risk to attendees and responding police due to the location and terrain, Supt Roptell said.

The local community and environment are also being impacted by the noise and the rubbish left behind.

Police will work closely with National Parks and Wildlife Services to target these events and prosecute offenders accordingly,” Supt Roptell said.

Anyone with information about is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or Information is treated in strict confidence. The public is reminded not to report information via NSW Police social media pages.

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Due to the speed at which NSW COVID-19 Public Health Orders & Restrictions are amended - here are links to updates


NSW Public Health Orders & Restrictions
 - UPDATES can be found


Public health orders

Exemptions to public health orders can be found here.


In force


No longer in force

Tomorrow, 18 October 2021 at 10am Operation Keppel public hearings begin into the conduct of former Premier & not yet retired Member for Willoughby, Gladys Berejiklian

Gladys Berejiklian


NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), media release, 1 October 2021:

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) will hold a further public inquiry in Operation Keppel from 10:00 am on Monday 18 October 2021.

The Commission is investigating whether, between 2012 and 2018, the Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP engaged in conduct that:

  • constituted or involved a breach of public trust by exercising public functions in circumstances where she was in a position of conflict between her public duties and her private interest as a person who was in a personal relationship with the then NSW Member of Parliament, Mr Daryl Maguire, in connection with: grant funding promised and/or awarded to the Australian Clay Target Association Inc in 2016/2017; and grant funding promised and/or awarded to the Riverina Conservatorium of Music in Wagga Wagga in 2018; and/or
  • constituted or involved the partial exercise of any of her official functions, in connection with: grant funding promised and/or awarded to the Australian Clay Target Association Inc in 2016/2017; grant funding promised and/or awarded to the Riverina Conservatorium of Music in Wagga Wagga in 2018; and/or
  • constituted or involved the dishonest or partial exercise of any of her official functions and/or a breach of public trust by refusing to exercise her duty pursuant to section 11 of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988 to report any matter that she suspected on reasonable grounds concerned or may concern corrupt conduct in relation to the conduct of Mr Daryl Maguire; and/or
  • was liable to allow or encourage the occurrence of corrupt conduct by Mr Maguire.

The Commission is also investigating whether, between 2012 and August 2018, Mr Maguire engaged in conduct that involved a breach of public trust by using his public office, involving his duties as a member of the NSW Parliament, and the use of parliamentary resources, to improperly gain a benefit for himself, G8wayInternational/G8wayInternational Pty Ltd and associated persons.

The general scope and purpose of the public inquiry is to gather evidence relevant to the matters being investigated for the purpose of determining the matters referred to in section 13(2) of the ICAC Act.

The Commission has decided that public inquiries will be conducted, as far as practicable, remotely via audio visual link (AVL) until there is a change in the current COVID-19 public health orders. Only those whose presence on Commission premises is deemed essential for the effective conduct of the public inquiry will be permitted on-site. Members of the public and the media will therefore not be permitted to attend the premises for the course of the Operation Keppel public inquiry. There is further information in the public inquiry protocol on the Commission’s website.

MS Teams is the AVL technology that the Commission will use to conduct the public inquiry remotely. The Commission will live stream the MS Teams proceedings via its website, The Commission will also upload exhibits (provided they are not subject to non-publication orders), transcripts and witness lists to the website. Updates will be provided throughout the course of the inquiry via the ICAC Twitter account (@nswicac).

Assistant Commissioner the Hon Ruth McColl AO SC will preside at the public inquiry. Counsel Assisting the Commission will be Mr Scott Robertson and Mr Alex Brown.

It is expected that the inquiry will continue for approximately 10 days. A witness list for the first week of the public inquiry will be published closer to the commencement date of the proceedings, along with further information about how to access the live stream. The Commission will also advise if there are changes to the public health orders that may affect the conduct of the inquiry.



Monday 18 October

Michael Toohey (Current Director, Office of Sport, Greater Sydney Area, NSW)

Tuesday 19 October

Paul Doorn (Current CEO NSW Rugby Union & NSW Waratahs)

Wednesday 20 October

Nigel Blunden (Current Head of Government Affairs – HammondCare & Scott Morrison’s ‘captain's pick' in July 21 to help promote the national vaccination program rollout]

Mike Baird (Current CEO HammondCare & former NSW Liberal Premier from 17 Apr 2014 to 23 Jan 2017)

Thursday 21 October

Chris Hanger (Deputy Secretary, Public Works Advisory and Regional Development Group in the Department of Regional NSW)

Friday 22 October

Stuart Ayres (Current Liberal Member for Penrith, Deputy Leader of the NSW Parliamentary Liberal Party, Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney & Minister for Industry and Trade - previously NSW Minister for Sport 2017-2019 & Minister for Police & Emergency Services 2017-2019). Member of the NSW Government COVID-19 crisis committee)

Gary Barnes (Secretary for the Department of Regional NSW)

Records of ICAC Operation Keppel proceeding commenced in 2020

Former NSW MP for Wagga Wagga – allegations concerning breach of public trust to improperly gain a benefit (Operation Keppel) at

Friday, 15 October 2021

Morrison Government seeks to reopen Love v Commonwealth of Australia in High Court seeking reversal of a February 2020 judgment which found Aboriginal Australians, even when born outside Commonwealth borders, are not aliens under the Constitution and cannot be deported


The Guardian, 14 October 2021: 

The federal government is seeking to overturn a landmark high court decision that deemed Aboriginal Australians cannot be aliens and cannot be deported. 

The Love and Thoms ruling in February 2020 ranks as the high court’s most significant constitutional decision in recent years, with the narrow four-to-three judgment prompting Coalition conservatives to publicly lobby for black-letter judges to be appointed. 

 Just a year and a half later, the commonwealth has revealed it wants the precedent to be overturned after a New Zealand man tried to fight deportation using the Love and Thoms precedent..... 

 In June 2020 Amanda Stoker, now the assistant attorney general, noted in a research paper that given the two retirements “there is a significant possibility that a reconstituted bench would reconsider the decision in the event of challenge”. In its submissions, the commonwealth revealed that the immigration minister, Alex Hawke, and home affairs minister, Karen Andrews, will seek leave “to the extent necessary, to argue that Love was wrongly decided”..... 

 [High Court Justice] Keane said it would be difficult for the high court to hear the case in 2021, given the number of cases already delayed by Covid. Keane agreed to remove the constitutional aspects of the case to the high court, giving interveners until 22 November to join the case, likely to be heard in the new year.

Read the full article here.