Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Liberal Party candidate for Charlton Kevin Baker, who withdrew from Abbott's Army this afternoon, has been on the nose for years

ABC News 20 August 2013:

Kevin Baker, who is contesting former minister Greg Combet's NSW seat of Charlton, was forced to shut down the personal website after it was revealed he had "posted hundreds of lewd jokes about women and had links to pornography", the Daily Telegraph has reported.
"Some of that banter, it has now been discovered, included jokes about the Pope being a paedophile, women having sex on pool tables and what Mr Baker himself calls 'Tit-banter',"…..
The Daily Telegraph quoted Mr Baker as saying in a statement last night:
"I set up an online forum for Mini Cooper enthusiasts several years ago.
"On the site I made comments that were inappropriate, which I deeply regret and for which I apologise unreservedly.
"In the last few years I have also failed to moderate the site properly.
"A number of statements have been made by participants that are also completely inappropriate.
"I have now shut the offending site down."

Kevin Baker states that in the last few years he has failed to properly moderate the website he created and registered.

In fact one can see that Mr. Baker has been failing to stop offensive comment since at least 2006 if one has a peek at forums.mini-mods.com using the Wayback Machine:

With the writing on the wall Kevin Baker issued this statement:

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