Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Keep your eyes on Abbott's Achilles' Heel - the unelected Ms. Peta Credlin

Abbott and Credlin on the 2013 federal election campaign trail

Journalist Nikki Savva writing on the subject of the newly installed Abbott Ministry in The Australian on 19 September 2013:

Abbott and his chief of staff Peta Credlin were the key architects of the line-up, and the unkindest view of some of the decisions was that the most powerful woman in the government - and no, that is not Julie Bishop - has become extremely adept at entrenching her place with a system of reward, punishment, inclusion and exclusion.
So indispensable has she become that even quite senior shadow ministry spokesmen - now in cabinet - who have argued with and upset her have been counselled by the leader to apologise to her.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in the Courier Mail on 21 September 2013:

Peta Credlin is (Abbott's) very capable chief of staff, in the covert power list she would be right up there.

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By 5 October 2013 The Sydney Morning Herald  was reporting that:

Fairfax Media has learned Ms Credlin, who steered Mr Abbott's path to The Lodge as his chief-of-staff, is deciding every government appointment from top ministerial aides right down to the electorate staff of new MPs.
She sits at the head of the government's ''star chamber'', which has already knocked back some applicants put forward by cabinet ministers.


Anonymous said...

so powerful she was let off for drunk driving when had it been any of us we would have automatically lost our licence

John Fraser said...


Upstanding citizens send people to the colonies for stealing a piece of bread ....

Whoops sorry , I got lost in the 18th century there.

Who would have thought Australia would regress that far after the election of "Slick" Abbott.