Wednesday, 4 September 2013

NSW North Coast Nationals and Kevin Hogan deliberately conceal their association with political attack flyer

Readers living in the Page electorate on the NSW North Coast may have had this flyer turn up in their letter box sometime before  25 August 2013.

No authorship admitted, just an authorisation in fine print along the bottom of one side:

B. Franklin, Level 8, 130 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000.

Recipients of this flyer may be forgiven for thinking that Mr. Franklin might be acting here as a private citizen.

Except Ben Franklin of Level 8, 130 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000 has been State Director of the NSW National Party since July 2008 and In that role he oversees all aspects of the Party’s procedure including election campaigning, strategic direction, membership, fundraising, publications and fulfilling all relevant legal and regulatory requirements for the Party’s operation.

The lack of any Nationals logo on the flyer and the omission of the name of their candidate in Page, Kevin Hogan, is highly likely to be a deliberate strategy - possibly in the hope that many voters will blame other political parties for the direct attack on a popular sitting MP.

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Anonymous said...

They are using the same strategy when they attack the Greens - nothing that indicates which organisation is really funding the attack flyers - just some fine print saying it's authorised by "B Franklin 130 Elizabeth Street Sydney. I had to Google to find out who he was, (and coincidently find this blog) . Completely legal, but completely immoral! A true indication of their nature, I fear.