Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Weirdness characterizes Liberal Party candidate in the McMahon electorate

The Sydney Morning Herald 31 August 2013:

A Liberal Party candidate proposed a radical new policing system in which criminal suspects would be injected with satellite-trackable microchips shot from a ''high powered sniper rifle''.
Ray King, who is contesting the western Sydney electorate of McMahon, was behind the idea, which he claimed would improve productivity of the NSW Police Force.
Mr King, a former police commander in Liverpool, landed in hot water on Friday over critical comments he made about burqas at an election campaign function where guests included the disgraced former detective Roger Rogerson and current assistant police commissioner Frank Minnelli.
In 2011, Mr King outlined his ideas in a 12-page essay, Microchipping of human subjects as a productivity enhancement and as a strategic management direction of NSW Police...
The most controversial part of Mr King's plan was the means by which microchips would be inserted into the body. He named Danish company Empire North as having patented the ''ID Sniper Rifle'' as the ''long-distance injector'' of the microchip.
But a search for Empire North in Copenhagen suggests the company does not exist and the ID sniper rifle is actually part of a plot of a Danish sci-fi docu-drama called Empire North.
A Liberal source said the essay was a ''futuristic scenario'' but, in the Liverpool Champion on March 30, 2011, Mr King raised microchipping as a genuine prospect. ''I'm an advocate for this type of technology,'' he said. ''I think we need to explore the use of microchips to help put criminals behind bars.''

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