Monday, 7 October 2013

Metgasco Managing Director & CEO threatens to quit if he doesn't get his bonus share allocation

Metgasco Limited Managing Director and CEO Peter Henderson is now the 18th largest shareholder in this coal seam gas exploration and mining company operating on the NSW North Coast.

At the next annual general meeting Mr. Henderson was expecting a further share allocation, until a shareholder group made it known that it will not support the award of shares for the performance of Mr Peter Henderson in his role as Managing Director.

Henderson has now publicly spat the dummy.....
The Daily Examiner digital edition 7 October 2013

However, it is almost a certainty that this threat pertains only to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Peter Henderson has been one of only four directors of the company since 4 April 2011 and is unlikely to resign that board position - he has 2.5 million shares and a lavish lifestyle to protect. 

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