Sunday, 5 January 2014

It must be something in the air.....

Google’s web page summaries can sometimes be mildly disconcerting when efforts to be concise have unexpected results.

Take this item from a recent search which appears to suggest that the Hon. Anthony John Tony Abbott lasted as Australian Prime Minister for less than three months:

Or is Goggle Search accidentally playing into the hands of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire which was beginning to maliciously suggest Australian Labor Party leadership instability on 30 December 2013:

I'd like to be Man of the Year, even if it is no more than an award from a Herald reader, Lyn McGrath, of Bilambil Heights, and even if she has set the bar very low. Having revealed that I make my wife breakfast in bed and acquired pro-feminist credentials, Ms McGrath wrote to the Herald last week saying that all I have to do to be in the running for her award is to say one positive word about the ALP.
I accept the challenge. I offer two positive words: Tony Burke.
Tony Burke will be the next Labor prime minister. He is authentic, a crucial advantage in politics, and pragmatic, intelligent and decent. (I'm way over my quota here Lyn.)
However, I also point out he is, like most Labor MPs, yet another former union official and has thus not spent a day of his career in a wealth-creating business. The bulk of his career has been at public expense.

And by 4 January 2014 was lining Liberal Party ducks up in a row:

ALL governments engage in succession planning. Not necessarily in a formal sense, but the competitive juices of politics mean that ambitious individuals like to position themselves as the potential heir-apparent to the current leader, often well before their time is up.....
even if his polling numbers collapse my suspicion is that the Coalition government would not allow itself to let leadership instability dominate its time in power.
That doesn't mean that the informal positioning of ambitious future leadership candidates won't continue. Names such as Joe Hockey, Scott Morrison and Malcolm Turnbull would all see themselves as viable alternatives to Abbott one day....

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