Wednesday, 19 March 2014

One of Abbott's flying monkeys goes on the attack

The YouTube video of Senator Scott Ludlum’s invitation to the Prime Minister to visit West Australia had by 13 March 2014 been viewed 743,410 and received 17,674  likes and the numbers are still growing 

One can only suspect that Murdoch journalist Miranda Devine was still befuddled by prime ministerial BBQ fumes when she wrote this in The Daily Telegraph on 12 March 2014:

SCOTT Ludlum’s “viral” hate speech against Tony Abbott signified the moment the Left finally lost its marbles: 10.08pm, Monday March 3, 2014. We can see them frozen in time, like the Edvard Munch painting The Scream, as the final awful realization hits home of Tony Abbott’s comprehensive victory and his determination to make his prime ministership count.

They knew before Newspoll confirmed it this week that all their dishonest, sneaky, bigoted, dog-whistling attempts to demonise Abbott and his government
are falling on increasingly deaf ears.

Picture: John Tiedemann Source: DailyTelegraph

That Monday night, to a near empty chamber, Ludlum, the telegenic Greens senator from WA, who faces political annihilation at the re-run of the WA Senate poll next month, peppered his diatribe with the obligatory “rednecks” and “murderous horror unfolding on Manus Island”.

He accused Abbott of “waving your homophobia in people’s faces”, “ever-more insidious attacks on the trade union movement and all working people” , “heartless racist exploitation of people’s fears” and leading a “benighted attempt at a government”.

He wound up with the plaintive cry of a loser: “Give us our country back”.

Sorry Senator, it was never your country. We had an election last year and the Abbott government was elected with a whopping majority. The twitterati might have gone weak at the knees for Ludlum but he might as well have been howling at the moon…..

Ms. Devine even invented a Ludlum quote “Give us our country back”  which isn't in the Senate speech she attacks. What Senator Ludlum said was We want our country back. Sloppy journalism at its best.

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