Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Kevin from Page tells Parliament.....

At www.kevinhogan.com.au the Nationals Members for Page, Kevin Hogan, informs the world that he told the Australian Parliament about the benefits of reducing red and green tape.

However no-one appears to be listening to his 5 minute speech if the empty government benches behind him are any indication:

The lack of a credible audience is nothing new for Hogan, as this occasion where he was informing Parliament of his views on investing in education clearly demonstrates:

On his feet to speak on the Appropriations Bill saw him again in an almost empty chamber:

When he was giving his views on drought support the audience was so riveted by his wisdom that one of the two Coalition members in camera range is clearly scrolling down her mobile phone:

This charade of backbench MPs rising to speak to an almost empty chamber in order to have Hansard record something, anything, they can wave under the noses of their electorates is a cynical charade practiced by all parties.

It is no substitute for effective representation and active lobbying, but then it only has to fool local voters long enough to convince them to place a "1" beside a sitting MP's name at the next election - and with regional media no longer strong enough or willing enough to look further than a politician's latest self-serving media release that is all too easy to accomplish these days.

NOTE: All snapshots taken from videos found on Kevin Hogan's website and YouTube.

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