Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Abbott Family spreads out

When current Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was Opposition Leader he, his wife and two of his three daughters lived in the family home at Forestville on Sydney's north shore, with the eldest daughter living and working overseas.

Less than a year after his party won government the eldest daughter Louise still lives and works overseas, however Tony spends most of his time in Canberra sans wife and family (in bachelor digs at the Australian Federal Police College) and the remainder of his time at Kirribilli House, although officially at her husband's side rumour has it that Margie primarily resides at the family home, Frances lives in Melbourne and Bridget lives at the prime minister's official Sydney residence, Kirribilli House.

There has been no explanation as to why daughter Bridget is living in almost solo splendour on the taxpayer's dollar, while the explanation given as to why the Prime Minister expensively rejected a taxpayer-funded temporarily leased family home in Canberra was always decidedly thin.

Snapshot from Tony Abbott's latest updates to the Register of Members' Interests 

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John Fraser said...


I have been wondering for a long time now ........ what is going on with the Abbott family ?

They all came together to put on a show to get Abbott elected.

Margie came out when royalty arrived ...... but no one sees her after that.

Just how many lies has the Abbott family told ?