Monday, 4 August 2014

A complaint has been made to Clarence Valley Council concerning alleged racism in its ranks

A copy of Facebook comments on the Maclean, Buy, Swap, Sell, NSW page turned up in my mail this week.

Another symptom of poorly led local government administration in the Clarence Valley?


Ursula Tunks said...

Anonymous said...

You might like to check this one. Sash Johnson's Facebook profile photo is of an Indian actress, the male with the dog is from various websites showing dogs that apparently look like their owners and the child is from the cutest children on Pinterest. To check, sign into Facebook with Google Chrome, right click on the image and select 'search google for this image'.

clarencegirl said...

There are many individuals with Facebook accounts who use avatars, false names, and/or create 'profiles' which do not reflect their circumstances.
They usually do this to retain a degree of privacy when commenting online.

Anonymous said...

True, but when you're aware there have been issues between the council and at least one of its former rangers (as you've reported), you need to be careful people making complaints about current rangers are legitimate, they are not based on malice and there is at least some verifiable evidence to support their claims. Can you imagine how difficult it could be for this new ranger to perform his/her duties in an Aboriginal community now?

clarencegirl said...

ANON 5 Aug 2014 9:34am

So how would I verify your comments then?

The Internet's default position is anonymity and you (along with the rest of us) are happy to avail yourself of that position when it suits.

SJ did the same.

Anonymous said...

Reply to anonymous 5th August 9.34am. I have refrained from responding to Sash's plea for help involving an atrocious racist tirade at the Grafton Pound against the Aboriginal Community. The conversation did take place at the pound, and the Englishman was commenting to another staff member at the time. An apology to the Aboriginal Community,and an investigation is warranted. We live in a multi-cultural society and such comments are discriminatory and racist. Ms Johnson is not a fictitious identity on Facebook.