Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Metgasco shareholders vent their frustration

Some of the est. 5,000 shareholders (according to Hot Copper) in the coal seam/tight gas exploration company Metgasco Limited are venting their frustration on the Hot Copper MEL forum and trash talking the Northern Rivers in the process.

I particularly enjoyed the attempt to ‘prove’ that the Northern Rivers population, its communities, and economy are in terminal decline.


The Greens are playing the third rate, bribe prone political swill that we have representing our interests in Parliament like headless fish with two hooks in their mouths.

This is the same way the Russians brought communism to Eastern Europe...start with telling enough lies enough times about an innocent unprotected party, get some thugs to run around flexing their muscles to subvert and flout authority, convince or coerce the unwashed uneducated and simple souls (yes, those same uneducated farmers, doctors and knitting noneties who think they know everything because they have swallowed the incessant cartload of lies to bloat their lazy mindless brains instead of doing their own unbiased research) to come out to "burn the witclhes.".. and then they seize authority slowly and insidiously.

Heaven help these uneducated puppets when they finally discover, too late, what they have so mindlessly done....when the Green genie that they have unbottled so trustingly morphs into the evil Red Devil it really is.

Those protesting farmers and knitting nannas are sadly going to realise that the farm they are trying to save is really Animal Farm......and the Pigs are already walking cock-a-hoop on their two wretched hind legs.

The Metgasco saga is not the beginning of the end, it is not even the end of the beginning, it is just the beginning of the beginning of a very great calamity that, if unchecked, is going to soon engulf Australia and everyone in it.

A gut wrenchingly realistic account and well researched.

I was thinking the lack of vocal protest thus far over AGLs Gloucester approved fracking program might be Greens baulking at taking on AGL, but a wise "old" soul pointed out to me this evening it was more likely that locals in Gloucester want CSG and actively work to exclude greens protestors.

Drew Hutton laments that it is hard to engage commercial farmers in protests but boasts that it was easy to mobilise "lifestylers" on sub-commercial land holdings in the Northern Rivers. What he means was that he played to the "alternative" demographic with misleading but appealing accounts of fracking and CSG.

What an incredible betrayal Drew, Aidan, Local Govts, the Greens have inflicted on the Northern Rivers by focussing their efforts on driving CSG and its economic benefits from the region ... and the NSW Lib Government has betrayed the region by caving in to save state seats ... a betrayal of families, the employed and the youth of the region.

There is no way the region will rise to deliver to a potential export boom as part of the talked about emerging agricultural boom and as you say, regional tourism is on the wane ... presently it is a region devoid of employment purpose ... commerial activities are experiencing death by 1000 cuts as population declines and as uneployment grows. I am dead set certain local unemployment, especially youth unemployment would be significantly higher in the Northern Rivers than elsewhere in coastal NSW.

We now know that Chris Gulaptis, like all the Northern Rivers politicians, has no concern for the greater economic good of his electorate. He is despised by employers who create jobs and panders only to those who create nothing. He is content to cower with the rest of his opportunistic, cynical party colleagues in the face of the threatening, intimidating and sometimes unlawful actions of anti-csg opponents.

We can take no comfort from the fact that his main electioneering ticket is removing a bat colony from Maclean.

How come AGL (AGK) gets approval in Glouchester which has a greater population in the vicinity? Yet MEL struggles with this. Same product, same state, same country

The NR excels in high welfare dependency and high youth unemployment. The biggest employers are government (Healthcare and Social Assistance, the University and Councils). NR private enterprise is failing.

Big retailers are closing down in every town and there are whispers about more to come:
A foodbank has been established in Kyogle offering subsidised groceries. One wonders what effect this will have on the legitimate local IGA supermarket. Will this need to rethink its existence too?

It is suggested that tourism replace the Timber and Dairy industries, both in serious decline. With the drought, why not include Beef too?

The solution proposed is the Northern Rivers Rail Trail (a walking and bike trail between Casino and Murwillumbah): 
What does tourism give back? They leave their rubbish behind, littering our highways; and they’re profligate with their water use too.

Perhaps a better alternative is that a gas pipeline follow the Rail Trail to connect with the Tweed gas infrastructure?

Major Jenny Dowel knows that tourism is in decline in the Northern Rivers (-7.5% p.a.). As President of NOROC she released the Northern Rivers Social Profile 2013, comparing the Northern Rivers decline with the mid-North Coast’s increase:
With poor road maintenance and little tourism investment, tourists are likely to remain in the coastal towns. Lismore, Casino or Kyogle are not a destination – they’re a thoroughfare for travelers to more exciting destinations. 
Could Cr Dowel’s $300K expenditure on street sculpture (a Qld import) have been better spent on roads, for example? I hear a number of high street parking spaces have been sacrificed for this sculpture, upsetting retailers and the public alike. More closures to come?
So, yes, we need the gas. The economy of the NR is in terminal decline. 

We are not the Hunter Valley. Vignerons and Bloodstock are protected because they are multi-million dollar investments, employing thousands.

I don’t know why the hairies are worried about sugar cane and macadamia. Just because a PEL has been issued, it doesn’t mean there is gas within it. 

The Hunter and the Northern Rivers share a similar land area, the Hunter has nearly 3 times the NR population because they have jobs and industry and we do not.

Finally, Tasmania is introducing new anti-protest laws. They’re jack of the Greens. NSW, where are you? Step up. Protect your industry and workers.


Yes The ABC will claim "it is all about Drew" but one must consider the subtext or context of the segment. Sadly, it is a left-wing (jam packed with rage-driven subtlety) attack on everything scientific and sensible.

As with all T.V (ref: Josh Fox and his "gaslands" drama) the bias is in the evoking of audience emotion one way or another.

The leftists behind this segment did well to exploit the drama.

It's a disgrace that the standards of a so-called "objective" government owned tv station are so low as to allow this to go to air.

Let 'em have it boys!

In the meantime, it is clear that Santos gets away with murder and gets the go ahead with whatever they plan to do without interference whatsoever from our State Government.

And they get the okay to proceed even if they have a very poor record in the drilling and production of CSG. Go figure!!

Obviously there is one law for the Majors and another one for the minnows. Or better still, the Parliamentarians will need all the help they can get to remain in Government, and when they eventually will loose their seats, they will be looking at a Board position in some of these companies. Most of the time, they will end up with Chairmanships positions. Just have a good look at where Mark Vaile ended up, and you will soon know what I mean.

Finally, who's interests and future will the Parliamentarian look after.?? Is it the shareholders of some minnow company, or is it their own.???

Good guess. And with only one option allowed.!!

I wonder who is making the decisions and who is pulling the strings on this issue of ours.

I am also wondering if it was STO, Origin, or AGL owning our tenements, and if they were to go/put through the loops like the ones that we are forced to go through!!!.

25,000 is still a minority in Clarence. The Rosella conventional well is not in the Lismore electorate. When going about its lawful business a company and its 5,000 plus shareholders should not have to demonstrate a single thing.

U got to be crazy saying sitt like that as most of us are in too deep to consider losses,the resource is proven and the time will come,accumulating is the only thing I know!,,,

There was a least one happy shareholder on the forum this week:

I, and I presume many other shareholders, have this weekend received another campaign email from the local anti-everythings now resorting to trying to scare off individual shareholders.

My interpretation is that they are becoming more worried that ultimately their silly backward focussed campaign will lose and the modern world will finally penetrate the Northern Rivers with the advent of cheap gas for everyone. They, like the Luddites who tried to stop newly industrialising Britain in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the communists in the twenty first century, and the extremist Islamists trying to stop the modern world from improving the lot of those in the Middle East & elsewhere, will eventually by consigned to the dustbin of history.

Time to accumulate more MEL shares methinks

At close of business on 11 August 2014 Metgasco Limited’s ordinary share price stood at 5.2 cents.


Anonymous said...

It is good to see that Metgasco opponents are still willing to engage in a bit of illegal and misleading behaviour.

Poster seems to be happy to reproduce great slabs of copyright material without any approval from or recognition of copyright holder.

Also nothing like talking a very selective set of quotes and reporting them out of sequence and out of context.

It would be good to see a honest debate about this subject.

clarencegirl said...

Neither Hotcopper nor the MEL forum threads assert copyright and, Hotcopper only asserts non-exclusive license(s), as applicable, allowing all users to download, reformat and print content.

John Fraser said...


Great to see a supporter of Metgasco ... all be it "Anonymous" ... asserting their right to an "honest debate".

Should make a change from the crap that Metgasco has been peddling.

Anonymous said...

What is in decline is the intelligence level of the metgasgone supporters. They steal the iconic sign at Bentley and continue to rant rubbish on hotcopper. Lying and misrepresentation are their primary tools to spread their propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Incorrect Clarencegirl. Copyright is held by the poster and the poster grants HotCopper a non exclusive right to reproduce the comment.

HotCopper cannot and does not claim to pass that right to anyone else.

Only the original poster can grant the right to repost or reuse that comment.

John Fraser said...


I thought "Anonymous" was going to have an honest debate ?

This latest "Anonymous" must be another one.

Exceptionally surprised that there are 2 "Anonymous" commenting here.

Perhaps its just one with a split personality .... the type who is too afraid to draw up their own sign and go and stand on a corner and tell local residents how wrong they are ..... too afraid to start up a pro Metgasco group in case no one joins.

clarencegirl said...

Read the Hotcopper documents published on the website.

Anonymous said...

Clarencegirl, I suggest that you get some proper advice on Australian legislation regarding "moral rights". HotCopper clearly understands the legislation and, as their website notes, have properly sought approval from the copyright holder. The approval HotCopper has sought and the publication of the posters' comments on HotCopper provides neither you nor North Coast Voices with any rights regarding use of the posts.

Let's hope we can move to some discussion about my original comment and that is why it is necessary for opponents of Metgasco to use illegal and selective comments when trying to make a point.

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