Saturday, 30 August 2014

Quote of the Week

Tony Abbott has obviously learnt nothing from last year's travel rort scandals. He and his Team Australia bombard us with brainwashing messages like the age of entitlement is over, budget emergency and that the country can't afford leaners. He then attends at private function in Melbourne and  arranges a quick "work" visit and press conference to conveniently justify claiming entitlements rather than paying his own way. It's a shameful, brazen abuse of his position and a contemptible waste of hard-earned taxpayers' money. 
[Glen op den Brouw of Liverpool in a letter to the editor, The Sydney Morning Herald 28 August 2014]

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John Fraser said...


What is even more surprising is that Abbott visited the Peter Maccallum Cancer Research Centre.

With or without the knowledge that the Centre was going to be front and centre at the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption.

A little matter of the Centre paying Kathy Jackson $250,000 which she then put into an account that only she had access to, and then apparently used it for her own purposes.

Abbott has referred to Kathy Jackson as "a lion of the Union movement".