Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Score So Far: ICAC 9 Liberal Party of Australia 0

It is only halfway through the working week and yet more members of the Liberal Party of Australia have been forced to resign after allegations made during NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption hearings.

The tally so far:

Arthur Sinodinos Federal Liberal Senator for NSW and Assistant Treasurer in the Abbott Government  - not fulfilling assistant treasurer duties for the duration of the ICAC Operation Credo and Operation Spicer investigations, after allegations concerning the corporation Australia Water Holdings of which he was a director were made during Operation Credo  .

Barry O’Farrell NSW Liberal MP for Ku-ring-gai  – resigned as Premier and Minister for Western Sydney effective 17 April 2014 and moved to the back bench when it was proven that he had not told the truth when giving evidence at a NSW Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Operation Credo hearing in relation to an undeclared $3,000 gift from the then CEO of Australian Water Holdings.

Mike Gallacher NSW Liberal MLC – resigned as Minister for Police and Emergency Services on 2 May 2014 after being named as one of the subjects of ICAC’s Operation Spicer investigation, suspended from the Liberal Party and moved to the cross bench.

Chris Hartcher NSW Liberal MP for Terrigal – resigned as Minister for Resources and Energy, Special Minister of State, Minister for the Central Coast on 9 December 2013, suspended from the  Liberal Party and moved to the cross bench.

Marie Ficarra NSW Liberal MLC – resigned as parliamentary secretary on 17 April 2014 after it was alleged she solicited an unlawful political donation, suspended from the Liberal Party and moved to the cross bench..

Darren Webber NSW Liberal MP for Wyong and Member, Legislative Assembly Committee on Law and Safety - suspended from the Liberal Party of Australia (NSW) after corruption allegations, moved to the cross bench and not re-contesting his seat at the 2015 state election.

Christopher Spence NSW MP for The Entrance - suspended from the Liberal Party of Australia (NSW) after corruption allegations, moved to the cross bench and not re-contesting his seat at the 2015 state election.

Andrew Cornwell – resigned as NSW Liberal MP for Charlestown after admitting in evidence that he had received unlawful political donations and paid his tax bill with some of that money.

Tim Owen – resigned as NSW Liberal MP for Newcastle on 12 August 2014 after admitting he had not told the truth concerning unlawful political donations when giving evidence at an ICAC Operation Spicer hearing and had met with another ICAC witness allegedly to convince that witness not to tell the truth.

See Operation Credo and Operation Spicer  hearing transcripts here.


After allegations during evidence given in an Operation Spicer hearing, that he had received an unlawful political donation, on 14 August 2014 Liberal MP for Swansea Garry Edwards announced he had moved to the cross bench.

On 18 August 2014 it was reported that Newcastle mayor Jeff McCloy had resigned his mayoral position due to admissions that he had made unlawful political donations to the NSW Liberal Party and, chief of staff to Opposition Leader John Robertson Ian McNamara has stood aside while ICAC hearings continue.

On 27 August 2014 it was reported by ABC News that the Liberal MP for Londonderry Bart Bassett had moved to the cross bench after ICAC commissioner Megan Latham announced that new evidence had emerged to widen the inquiry's scope to examine whether Nathan Tinkler's firm Buildev tried to influence Mr Bassett.

The score now stands at: ICAC 13 Liberal Party of Australia 0


Ursula Tunks said...

Don't forget that quiet announcement in the media a couple of weeks ago. Greg Smith isn't standing again at the next State Election.

clarencegirl said...

There were no allegations of corruption in evidence before ICAC concerning Greg Smith, so he wasn't included in the tally.

John Fraser said...


If Queensland had an ICAC those "Conservative" numbers would most likely triple.

Sadly the Queensland equivalent was neutered by newman ....... and then he put his man in charge.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps in the interests of fairness you could also include the ALP pollies/union opfficials who've been found corrupt (and not just by ICAC) - from the top of my head Eddie Obeid, Ian Macdonald, Eric Roozendaal, Joe Tripodi, Craig Thomson, Michael Williamson, Kathy Jackson ......

May ALL the crooks from all sides of politics rot in hell!

NCV Admin said...

Attention: Anonymous August 14.

NCV has posted on Obeid and others previously, including in relation to ICAC findings.

As for Kathy Jackson; everyone has their own opinions. However, to date she has not admitted corruption nor has there been a finding of corruption made in relation to her, so NCV cannot yet put her in any tally.

Like everyone else we are waiting on a resumption of RC hearings re Ms. Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough NCV Admin, but may I then correct you in your tally - Sinodinos is in the same boat as Jackson as far as I know!

Bottom line is that in NSW we seem to have corrupt pollies everywhere we look, totally disgusting and a sad indictment on our democracy. Lets hope they're all caught and all spend time in jail for their crimes, sadly it doesn't seem as if there is any correlation between being found guilty of corruption by ICAC and court action, how on earth Obeid is still a free man amazes me.

clarencegirl said...

The tally is an ICAC tally & Sinodinos stood aside because of allegations made during Operation Credo which saw him called to give evidence. Therefore the score goes to ICAC.

As for Obeid et al,the law moves slowly.

For state of play see and

clarencegirl said...

Ooops, comment software developed a bad case of hiccups I'm told and repeated my last comment three times. I had the repetition deleted.