Saturday, 30 August 2014

The ugly face of Abbott's Team Australia

Letter to the editor in The Daily Examiner on 26 August 2014:

Aussie Islamists

Given the unhappy world situation at this time and the present exposure of the unholy and bestial practices that Australian Islamists, amongst others, are pursuing in Arabia, a whole rethink of where we stand in world affairs is overdue.

At this stage the United States of Australasia, incorporating our Christian neighbours, is worthy of serious consideration.

Thomas Macindoe


John Fraser said...


AS Abbotts "Operation Vietnam War Part 2" begins ..... the old "stop the Jihadists over there before they invade us here" .... the same people are using the same brush that they used to paint asylum seekers (also known as boat people)40 years ago.

This is the beautiful side of Australia :

Former Vietnam refugee Hieu Van Le, who arrived in Darwin on a boat in 1977, is to become South Australia's first Asian migrant governor.

Link :

Anonymous said...

Our Christian neighbours? Papua New Guinea? East Timor? Indonesia? Our neighbours are highly diverse and cannot be characterised by the term Christian.