Thursday, 27 November 2014

Best Question Time Exchange - Part 1

It took some doing but Opposition Leader Bill Shorten finally made Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott admit without qualification that he had uttered that now infamous statement and, this exchange was recorded by Hansard at 14:01 on 25 November 2014:

Mr SHORTEN (Maribyrnong—Leader of the Opposition) (14:01): My question is to the Prime Minister. On the night before the election, 'somebody' was interviewed on SBS and made the following statement: 'No cuts to education. No cuts to health. No change to pensions. No change to the GST, and no cuts to the ABC or SBS.'
Prime Minister, no-one will now own up to making that statement. Does the Prime Minister have any idea who said this?....
Mr ABBOTT (Warringah—Prime Minister) (14:02): Of course I made that statement.


Anonymous said...

Who cares, did Julia Gillard ever admit she lied on No Carbon Tax?

Juan Moment said...

@ Anonymous

That's right, who cares if politicians break their promises, or as in Phony's case, a dozen of them. See, JG didn't admit to it, so why should we care about Phony doing so? Perfectly logical.

Much better to just write blog comments which absolve the current set of serial liars from this outdated need to keep ones word.

Tony, Tony, lets all vote for Tony.