Saturday, 1 November 2014

How the world sees Abbott's Australia

Headline at German language on 27 October 2014:

Australien – der Folterstaat
…..Verstümmelungen und Selbstmorde sind in den Lagern Alltag. Selbst Kinder leben hinter Stacheldraht, dem Wahnsinn nahe. Und das Volk klatscht Beifall.

Australia - State of torture
….mutilations and suicides are everyday life in the camps. Even children live behind barbed wire, close to madness. And the people applauded. [Google Translate]


Anonymous said...

I did not Vote for this abusive Mongrel, we want him gone, we despise him and his abuses upon everyone!

Anonymous said...

This election must have been rigged as No Aussie I know voted for him He is stripping away everything fundamental to being an Aussie. Life is getting worse everyday for millions of us. He needs to be removed and a whole shake up of the system that allowed Rupert Murdoch to play his power games.

Emmay said...

That's why I'm going to show the world that I did not vote for Abbott. The international press is going to be here for the G20, and I'm marching at the Rally Against Abbott on the 16th of November. Check them out on Facebook, they're in Melbourne and Brisbane. Hope the press get word out that Aussies are decent people and Abbott does not speak for us.