Thursday, 6 November 2014

"NO Confidence" in Prime Minister Abbott: 774 citizens petition the Australian Parliament

Since 2008 anyone can prepare a petition, gather signatures, and have it presented to the House of Representatives by the Chair of the Standing Committee on Petitions or by another member of parliament. 

Once a petition has been presented to Parliament the Committee refers it on to the responsible minister who then has 90 days to respond.

A ministerial response to the petition below would be due by 18 January 2015.

House of Representatives Hansard 20 October 2014:

Dr JENSEN (Tangney) (10:01): On behalf of the Standing Committee on Petitions, and in accordance with standing order 207, I present the following petitions:.........

  Prime Minister 

To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

we, the undersigned, believe we represent a widely enough held opinion within the Australian people to warrant a motion of NO CONFIDENCE in the current Prime Minister, The Honourable Tony Abbott, being tabled in Parliament, and being put to a vote in the House of Representatives.

The reason we are petitioning the House is that, so far (as at the 15 August 2014's version of this petition), and despite requests made directly to various Members, both in Government and in Opposition, to table such a motion, there has been abject failure - by any of the many Members who publicly proclaim TO have "No Confidence" in the Prime Minister - to take that first step which is necessary to initiate a remedy via the Reserve Powers of the Governor General; which include being able to dismiss a prime minister.

Examples of reasons for having "NO Confidence" in Prime Minister Abbott are too numerous - and well known to not only Members of the House but also to the public, in Australia and in many places overseas - to mention.

We therefore ask the House to ensure that such a motion be tabled as a matter of urgency, and — if possible under the Rules of the House — to not require a Division, in order that Members may vote freely and completely in accordance with their conscience, instead of so as to abide with party constraints. Thank you.

from 744 citizens

Petition received.

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Anonymous said...

You'd wonder why they'd bother (and why you've reported on it) - 744 out of a voting population of around 15 million, that's less than .005%!