Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Abbott Government reaches its apogee of absurdity with Christopher Pyne *WARNING: Offensive Language*

When the Australian Minister for Education Christopher Pyne attempted to start his very own ‘grass roots’ response to the anticipated programming cuts forced on the Australian Broadcasting Commission by his own government’s budget cuts, he chose to create a petition on 18 November 2014.

The response from his fellow Australians has been predictable, hilarious, graphic and sometimes obscene.

Thus far his petition has attracted almost 2,000 supporters who have used the reasons for signing section to support their ABC and attack the Abbott Government and Pyne himself.

Here are a few examples of the overall response before this petition page mysteriously disappears forever from the Internet:

Pyne thinks we're so stupid he'll get re-elected. The ultimate smarmy politician, trying to ride both sides of the fence. Sure I'll sign, like it would make a difference to this Government what anyone would think if they don't have money to donate. Never mind, Christopher, Murdoch will tell Tony, & Tony will tell you

I have written to my own local member who is Barnaby Joyce, and recieved a reply full of justifications. The easiest way to stop this happening Mr Pyne, is for you to lobby your own part to make sure that the proposed cuts to ABC funding do not happen.

The people of Sturt owe a duty to their fellow Australians to get rid of Pyne at the next election.

You're a hypocrite Chris. Grow a backbone and tell your colleagues to keep their promises.

It's people like you - that makes me glad I moved from Australia. It's people like you - that makes me sad that my country is getting raped in the arse. It's people like you - that has that kind of face that needs to be punched.

Timothy Anderson FORT LAUDERDALE, FL
As an ex-pat Australian living abroad, the ABC and SBS remain two of the only authoritative and largely unbiased sources of news from home that I have access to. From Newscorp, Fairfax, Guardian and commercial TV news, bias and paid comment runs rife.

The Abbott government, including the dishonourable Christopher Pyne, are a bunch of parochial, narrow minded, nasty twits, hell bent on destroying everything that is good about Australia. The ABC is a vital source of independent information by way of contrast to the Murdoch Empire that is holding the LNP in its big, sweaty hands. The ABC also performs a crucial role in allowing new, Australian content to be brought to audiences who don't want to be subjected to mindless commercial media. Shame on you Christopher Pyne and all that you stand for - I hope that the ABC is still around when you're ejected from government in 3 years' time.

Phil Phillips AUSTRALIA
Chris Pyne is a c&#nt

Surely you, as part of Cabinet would have more access than anyone to intervene? You, sir, are a peanut.

I'm signing merely to tell you that your cynicism is stunning and your lack of empathy monumental. I hope that you will reap what you sow, but I won't hold my breath. Your lot (Tories intent on punishing the vulnerable because you believe they deserve their fate) needs to read the research about why you think the way you do - if you claim any intelligence at all, you will soon see that your fundamental blindness to distress until you experience it directly yourself makes you ignore the well being of society as a whole. Bloody solipsistic tyrants! Your "Government" has been a massive clusterfuck for Australia - but I do thank you for giving me the opportunity to use my favourite swear word.

Christopher, get a backbone. We are going to shut down every effe9ring public institution in this country or die in the attempt. What are you doing to wreck my government now you skinny biatch?

You cannot make this up!
Minister for ignorance starts online petition against his own party's destructive policy. Probably wondering why people think he is stupid.
How's the Dinning Kruger effect going for you Chris?

Kathryn Bottrell ELTHAM, AUSTRALIA
Well look, we can't be too hard on Christopher for being confused. The man did think getting stuck in traffic on Greenhill road that day was somehow because 'Labor Govt wins with 47% of the vote' at some point in the prior term. He's not exactly known for his grasp of cause and effect now, is he.
Re-fund the ABC, idiots, and start returning the commons assets to the people you're stealing them from.
I can think of any number of your fraudulent actions you could unwind to return the cash...

I have a better way of saving those ABC production jobs in Adelaide Chris. Keep your election promise and don't cut the funding of the ABC. What a hypocrite you are Christopher Pyne. The gall you have to create this petition.

Margie Abbott AUSTRALIA
Dear Christopher,
When you've finished speaking to Peta Credlin about your behaviour can you let her know that she can keep Tony. I've done my time, she can take over for real.

Careful guys, Pyne's friend Brandis is recording all our meta data and this freedom loving government might put a black mark on our ASIO files !

Doug Bateman AUSTRALIA
In a play or novel, this petition would be dramatic irony. In reality, it is a terrifying insight into the stupidity of the man.


o whiney pyney, why did your boofhead leader lie to us about ABC cuts? How do any of you sleep at night, knowing that millions of people loathe you for your psychopathic hypocrisy and slimy dishonesty?

because I love the ABC and don't want any cuts to Aunty. I hope C.Pyne is voted out for voting to destroy the ABC. I hope he shares the same fate as J.Howard - the PM who was defeated in his own electorate -the result of his own arrogance, pride and pursuit of extremist ideology. So.. Adelaide voters - bite back.

you are a front bencher of a fraudulent government that does not have a mandate. ROT IN HELL YOU MONGRELS

Joseph Goebbels BERLIN, AUSTRIA
Love your work Pyne, I fully support State owned media. You got my vote buddy!

It's a shame that, during that free university education you had, that you didn't learn how government works in Australia. That, as a cabinet minister in the government that has cut funding to the ABC, you share the responsibility for the very thing that you have set up an on-line petition against. In the words of Senator Ludlam - srsly?

James Pinnell AUSTRALIA
Pine is an utterly breathtaking hypocrite inside one of the most disfunctional governments in living memory.

It Tolls For Thee AUSTRALIA
Time to spruce up that resume, dipshit.

Feeling peckish? Help yourself to a nice big slice of this deliciously dense and moist stupidity cake, served up by our very own sociopath, C.P. Gotta love politicians and their inept use of social media!!!

Robert Menzies AUSTRALIA
What a sleazy troll. You love market forces when it selectively culls out the voice of people whose opinion you don't agree with, then dislike it when it makes you appear impotent and sidelined. The point of the ABC and SBS and the points of view they espouse is that they have some form of conscience for this country. Not the bellicose xenophobia of Alan Jones and the commercial networks that use dog-whistle issues to drum up support from the plebiscite.
And now you pathetically try to protect local issues. Either this is a calculated insult to South Australian fans of the ABC, or you are truly delusional.

What a joke. You take we, the people, as clowns. You are cloistered in life, you show you have no understanding of our world and everyday life. You are crude and simple - minded with your approach to issues. Your approach to policy is without ethical standing. You stoop and probe hoping you can get away with injustice. Fob them off! They have no memory of pre-election statements!! Thank you for taking government to a dead end. Quite frankly you are a waste of time. The ABC is not to be touched. You are untrustworthy and your government is beset by lies. You made your bed - lie in it!

Edward Massey AUSTRALIA
Mr Pyne, do you and the rest of the Abottoir government honestly believe that your lying and duplicitous behaviour goes unnoticed? This petition is nothing more than appalling hypocrisy from the lowest form of grub.

I'm already on the receiving end of a pathetic governments cuts to the ABC via channel 447 which before the current govt got their hands on it was worth watching !

ABC should not be closing anything, anywhere. You are responsible Christopher Pyne - you imbecile.

Yeah, it looks like people are signing this only in order to abuse this petition system, just like you are doing by posting this hypocritical and hollow petition.

Abbott Out Now AUSTRALIA
The government cuts the funding and then a government minister complains. They are all twats

Hugh Cunningham AUSTRALIA
I'm fed up with the constant haranguing of the ABC by conservative forces who simply want to shut down a voice for the common good!

if you think this will save u votes you turd, i suggest you think again, you pyne in the arse

Elizabeth Winsor AUSTRALIA
We are not amused

shaquille ray SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA
I'm signing this to express my support for the ABC.
And to show Mr Pyne who put them into this position in the first place, that even the smallest budget cuts can make big changes in quality. And how many people may face the axe because of his actions.

Here's a hint, you smirking piece of shit. Get the Government that you are a part of to keep its election promise of not cutting funding to the ABC. While we're on the subject, weren't there other areas that weren't going to be cut, such as education???

I can't believe this is for real? Is Christopher Pyne, a front bencher in the government that's cutting ABC funding, really running this petition? Can this be? Have we moved beyond joke to surrealist nightmare?

All of the reasons that those that have signed before me have addressed! I agree with them all!


John Fraser said...


My personal favourite :

"Pyne is a mook".

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fukin arseholes these liberals , all they want to do is rip the country down then pretend like bart simpson it wasnt me