Sunday, 11 January 2015

Even Liberal Party rank and file detest Tony Abbott

Letter to the Editor in The Sydney Morning Herald on 24 December 2014:

Tony Abbott will never learn. His harsh and inhumane policies on refugees, young people, the unemployed and so on have already (and deservedly) earned him acute unpopularity. Now he appoints his henchman Morrison to apply his blowtorch to all social welfare recipients.

One thing he can be sure of – he heads a one-term government. The untrustworthy Bill Shorten, of all people, is destined to become our next prime minister by absolute default.

Having once been NSW and federal president of the Liberal  Party I have to say shame on you Abbott, Morrison and Hockey. You three may get your just desserts. But in the process you will have dumped on the entire Liberal Party community.

John Valder 

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, seems to me hell has no fury like an ex-LNP member scorned?

The same John Valder is not just an Abbott-hater, he was also a Howard hater (you will recall the 'Not Happy John' campaign in 2007).

Why doesn't the silly man just fade away into irrelevance!