Thursday, 24 March 2016

Australian Federal Election 2016: laffing at 'Truffles'

“Malcolm is completely infatuated with truffles”
[Lucy Turnbull in The Guardian, UK News, 11 November 2015]

First the world laughed at Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott until his sacking, then less than two months later it commenced to laugh at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

His wife accidentally started the ball rolling as she enthused to journalists covering a royal visit and, for many people Malcolm became 'Truffles' Turnbull for the duration.

The laughter rose a notch when the official Twitter account of an over-the-top U.S. fictional political drama tweeted this:

Then someone noticed the similarity between this fictional campaign slogan used in the comedy Veep

and this slogan uttered by our very own prime minister as he gears up for the 2016 federal election

which resulted in this

Even the Murdoch media couldn't resist likening the Prime Minister to that fictional political schemer and multiple murderer on its Daily Telegraph front page of 22 March 2016 - although I'm sure that the editor hoped readers would not recall those particular murder plots

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