Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Malcolm Turnbull & Co losing favour with rural/regional & older voters

The Australian, 3 October 2016

The Newspoll tables covering August-September 2016 clearly show the Turnbull Government continues to lose support in the electorate.

According to The Australian newspaper; The Turnbull government has lost support in every state since the election, with the sharpest falls in Western Australia, Queens­land and South Australia, and among older voters and those living outside the capital cities. A demographic analysis of Newspoll surveys conducted ­exclusively for The Australian since the July election also reveals Mr Turnbull’s support is weakest in his home state of NSW. Labor has made its biggest gains since the election among country voters, men and those aged over 50, with its biggest lift in South Australia and Queensland.

Like the Abbott Government before it, this government is increasingly seen as one which has achieved very little being led by a man who is either too frightened to govern or does not know how to govern effectively.

The ongoing issues with political probity certainly don’t help the Liberal and Nationals parliamentary parties with their public image – nor does the perception that far-right ideologues within their ranks have an inordinate influence on Coalition cabinet decisions.

Having squandered their double-dissolution card in order to achieve a slim two-vote majority in  the House of Representatives in July, holding only 30 of the 76 Senate seats and unable to go to another election until August 2018 at the earliest, one has to wonder how they will manage to turn matters around and regain the confidence of the national electorate.

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